Event Triggers wont show as option

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Re: Event Triggers wont show as option

Post by peter980 »

Order just means execution order. But they will still happen at same time, in the specific order.

If you want character to do something after arriving somewhere, then you need event trigger for reaches target instead.

Note that if you do put delay to specific action, it will happen at delay, despite current order (but before other action at later order with same delay).

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Re: Event Triggers wont show as option

Post by Sammaxbali »

Ah. I understand. I thought the first one had to be completed, before the next one would be executed.

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Re: Event Triggers wont show as option

Post by erasmus »

You're technically correct. If you have

0-an event 1
1-an event 2
2-an event 3
3-an event 4

Those event #s will fire sequentially, but in most cases that does not help you very much. Interactive state checks/character update ticks for backend things are done every 0.3 seconds, and you have to take into account that certain events are subject to a bit of framerate dependence (if you look at debug logs you'll sometimes see event timings be slightly off your designated delay), so you can't necessarily rely on event 1 executing at 3.00s to have a guaranteed effect on event 4 executing at 3.00s. Some things also work on a queue, plain and simple. Dialogue is one of those things. BUT, for values, you CAN count on the "order of operations" making a difference. If you set MyValue to 'Done' in event 1, and then check to see if MyValue is 'Done' as a criteria for event 2, this will work without a delay having been set. Which is why something like this will work without using any delays:

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