Real-time Ray Tracing Support?

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Real-time Ray Tracing Support?

Post by thundergod »

This might be too much to ask, but will there be ray tracing support?

Unity supports it and this game could benefit from the extra realism it adds.

Though I have no idea how difficult it would be to implement it.

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Re: Real-time Ray Tracing Support?

Post by masterspanker »

As much as I love the idea and as much as I think House Party would immensely benefit from it, I highly doubt they would ever implement this.

I only have some basic idea about how these things work, so I am not sure how hard it would be to do it either, but even if it was dirt easy, in all likelihood they still wouldn't do it. Mainly because they are trying to finish the game and I doubt they would be able to see the benefit in it.

Maybe for Office Party though. A man can hope.

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Re: Real-time Ray Tracing Support?

Post by erasmus »

Major new graphics features like that will be something we tackle for Office Party. We'll look into it for HP but unless it ends up being an easy addition, we'll almost assuredly focus on other improvements to the game due to how far we are into development.
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