Idea: Stats screen

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Idea: Stats screen

Post by TinkerTailor »

It'd be great to have a stats screen to easily keep track of the stats you have in-game.

See what level your strength, stamina and orgasm is at. Look at all of the characters you've met and what levels they're currently at in one screen: Friendship, Love and Alcohol. Also see how many times you've orgasmed or had sex.

Perhaps when you start a new game, all of the characters aren't listed in the stats screen until you've first talked to them. This would be great for first-time players who are doing a blind run (unless they've already watched a walkthrough).
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Re: Idea: Stats screen

Post by chimneyfish »

This is a cool idea.

Also, it would be cool if the opportunities screen showed you where you are at for opportunities that have multiple steps (e.g., 0/3, 1/3, 2/3 etc).

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Re: Idea: Stats screen

Post by cesidio »

For hidden stats is an useful idea but relations you just need to speak with people, check it and say goodbye without any risk.

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Re: Idea: Stats screen

Post by peter980 »

Would love if this could be expanded to custom stories.
So you could choose what data to display.

For example, if custom story has money system or tracks scores for beer pong, you coul then be able to add those to the screen.

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Re: Idea: Stats screen

Post by erasmus »

Hey there, thanks for the feedback :) We've got plans to update the Opportunities and Opportunity Log functionality to give people a bit more info about what's going on in their playthrough. A full-on stat screen might be a bit of an overload for many folks, but as always we'll take your ideas into account!
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Re: Idea: Stats screen

Post by masterspanker »

I support this idea. Maybe it shouldn't be a traditional stats screen, but there should at least be some indication of your stats. This is an RPG game of sorts, right? It only makes sense.

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