Brainstorming : Everybodies Ideas for Office Party!

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Re: Brainstorming : Everybodies Ideas for Office Party!

Post by Darklord » Sat Mar 09, 2019 8:05 am

Hi, when would this be ready for sale any time soon ? You could put a couple transgender characters in both versions House Party and Office Party

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Re: Brainstorming : Everybodies Ideas for Office Party!

Post by Darklord » Sat Mar 09, 2019 9:43 am

I should also have added it would be nice to get a lap dace from the characters in House Party and this Office party some stripper moves ;)

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Re: Brainstorming : Everybodies Ideas for Office Party!

Post by erasmus » Tue Mar 12, 2019 10:48 pm

We've got a ticket in for possible lap dance-type intimacy acts.

Office Party is nowhere near being ready "for sale", if you're referring to being on Steam. Even House Party itself is still in Early Access.
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Re: Brainstorming : Everybodies Ideas for Office Party!

Post by SirArthur » Thu Mar 21, 2019 11:17 am

A few ideas (some possibly duplicating, because I've not read every comment in detail)
  1. Health and safety violations. Places to have accidents, cause accidents, emphasis on the funny. For example torn carpets, floor mop buckets and soap, "Beware wet floor" signs, bad electrical work, overloaded power strips, etc. Electric shock and pratfalls really, to reward carelessness or pranking by characters.
  2. Look for some inspiration from "Archer" in addition to other TV shows.
  3. Ancient tech that should have been replaced years ago.
  4. New tech that nobody can get to work.
  5. Bank of printers, but only one of them actually works. Until it doesn't just as it's needed for something.
  6. Vendor trying to sell something the company doesn't need, perhaps female and offering "inducements".
  7. Female staff member trying to sleep her way to the top. Or male for that matter.
  8. Male staff member who is always drunk after lunch.
  9. Secret office affair that everyone knows about, but nobody talks about.
  10. Pointy-haired boss (Dilbert homage)
  11. Working Daze homage.
  12. CEO's useless nephew given all the best jobs.
  13. Computers that seem to have minds of their own (make them characters).
  14. A goofy office delivery robot that doesn't work right.
  15. Battles over open-plan vs cubicles.
  16. Manager keeping the best computer in his office, but never using it.
  17. Company server gets hacked.
  18. Conference room that never works right.
  19. PowerPoint gags (e.g. projects upside down)
  20. Wheeled chair racing (per Brooklyn 99)
  21. Fire extinguishers
  22. Fire alarm drill at an embarrassing time
  23. Vending machine theft and jokes (e.g. always gives the wrong item, or needs to be thumped just right)
  24. Printer ink spills
  25. Peepholes into both gender bathrooms, known to the opposite sex only
  26. People running side business on office time
  27. Theft of office supplies
  28. Window cleaners looking in
  29. Really daft new product ideas
  30. Vegan vs Carnivore arguments
  31. Smoke detectors
  32. Abuse of cardkeys
  33. Hacking colleagues computers for fun and profit

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