How to properly trigger a tub tub act

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How to properly trigger a tub tub act

Post by Samil » Thu Jan 03, 2019 12:29 pm

How do I make someone besides vickie do a hottub handjob with walkto

When I do it like this it works fine as a response IF its a warpto setup
Warp to ashley hottub seat 1
warp to player hottub seat 2
remove all player clothes event trigger
intimacy sex hottub handjob ashley criteria would be (Player genetials exposed true)

Now when I use the walk to command vs the warp to command she never does it even if I add a roaming allow false command right after her warp to or walk to command. Otherwise she just sits down, stands back up and walks off with walk to command given.

While I do like the game alot, I hate the warping effect for acts so I want to accomplish this via walk to, but its not working.


Image 1 showing radial menu with fix to stop ashley from dropping to her knees when menu or dialogue opens (ashley sex end before dialogue)

image 2 showing response triggers for hot tub handjob to work properly

Due to hottub handjob warping the characters into position you might have to trigger it multiple times before it shows up correctly. This is why its on a radial menu vs a dialogue menu under global responses.

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Re: How to properly trigger a tub tub act

Post by erasmus » Sun Jan 06, 2019 10:07 pm

The warp effects that occur before some intimacy sequences will never be fully unavoidable. Everything in this game unfolds in "real time", so while there are plenty of "literally scripted" events (the JSON output from the editor), there are no moments where a scene unfolds that other things are not happening on the back end. We need to position characters in a way that will guarantee they don't get stuck before, possibly during, and definitely after an intimacy event, and will be ready to move onto the next real-time set of behaviors after the intimacy is over.

That being said you might want to try using different hottubseats, the centerofhottub movetarget, and possibly a walkto cancel (remember, delays can be floats, so you can trigger a walkto cancel after 0.38 seconds if that puts her in a good place consistently) if you want to get as close as possible to a seamless sequence.
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Re: How to properly trigger a tub tub act

Post by Samil » Sun Jan 27, 2019 5:08 am

I discovered my issue had to due with me trying to do everything under 1 dialogue instead of 2

Once i set it up as response event trigger for walk to that triggers next dialogue

next dialogue
on dialogue start don't move

radial menu option
distance to center of hottub 2.2 (radial menu criteria)
radial menu choice trigger
event trigger intimacy act

it worked fine.

There had to 2 be 2 dialogues and 1 radial trigger for it to work.

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