House Party v14 glitches

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Re: House Party v14 glitches

Post by erasmus » Tue Jun 11, 2019 8:12 pm

We've run the game through the profiler with just the main player character avatar and no other characters enabled. There isn't a gradual increase of memory usage just because the main character exists and is being animated. Increases in memory usage the first time certain objects are enabled/appear/etc.? Yeah. Temporary increases in memory usage? Sure, absolutely. If I warp around the game world and look around in every direction, I see those in the profiler, but those increases subside over time or when appropriate and there's zero evidence of disproportionate/unexpected spikes in usage or any permanent, ever-increasing trend of memory usage/a leak. Again, that would cause memory issues on MANY more computers than just yours and other folks who are using systems under our minimum specs.

This is a rather cursory examination, but in this video you'll see that the VRAM usage stays within a range of low 200s to under 300MB for much of the video, and the range is very much the same at the beginning and end of the video. In fact the only thing that differs at the beginning and end (i.e. that increases and does not go back to a range similar to what's shown at the beginning of the video) is my total system memory usage, which takes into account every ounce of memory my system is using, from every application. There's also a very small increase memory allocated to overall Texture + RenderTextures (20ish MB) over the course of the video, but it caps out once I exhaust my exploration of the game world. in You'll also note that at 05:35 I start playing with animations/poses (beyond the crouching, running, sprinting, etc. I do elsewhere), and there is no evidence of an increase in memory usage that can be directly correlated to this.

There's a big difference between a) "your game is leaking memory due to a flaw or development error, and it's causing me/others problems" and b) "you haven't taken the steps needed to make it run on my/others' computer". The first, a), is simply not a universally true statement. You can see that above. It's a video of literally just the player (according to you the root cause), alone, in an environment he cannot even interact with ("blank story"). The second, b), I will admit *may very well be true*. But...the beginnings of this thread were based upon you not wanting us to optimize or tweak the game, etc. None of us have 8-9+ year old hardware. Most users according to our Steam hardware surveys do not have 8-9 year old hardware. There's only one way to try and get the volume of feedback we need to tell if the game is working for the largest volume of players we can, *including users with legacy hardware*...which is do what we're doing.
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