Various intimacy issues in 0.12.3

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Various intimacy issues in 0.12.3

Post by peter980 » Tue Jan 01, 2019 12:06 am

In this post, I'll list various intimacy issues I've discovered in 0.12.3.

Some of these may not be a bug, but features, but most are bugs. :D

1) During sex, female partner can orgasm, if her meter is full before player one. This is new change that could actually be a feature
2) But in case of #1, after that point, girl character will not have any moans. Also any kind of dialogue that would require pose chance will not lead to pose change, since girl character will have recharge state (that will not decay at this point). Only after male character orgasm comes at top will sex end correctly
3) Girl getting cunnilingus orgasm during 69 will also prevent any pose change. Only after player character org. meter is filled will pose end.
4) There is 10s delay between male character reaching orgasm and sex actually ending. This one I assume is a feature. Same as above, during this period pose change requests will fail (not big deal really). It also applies to female orgasm during cunnilingus
5) BJ orgasm does not trigger events. Investigation shows that they actually do get triggered, but when triggered, check for BJ intimacy state is already false
6) There are some times issues due to Orgasm start and it ending at 10s delay, if there are multiple sex pairs in the sex scene (possible with custom stories). Sometimes one pair ending the scene will corrupt the poses for the other pair. Generally, bad things can happen after 10s delay, and could affect different character then originally indented. In rare cases it also leads to characters staying locked in sex forever, with Orgasm event never ending

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Re: Various intimacy issues in 0.12.3

Post by erasmus » Sat Jan 12, 2019 11:46 am

We've fixed a number of these for our next update. As always thanks for the report ;)
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