My Suggestions to improve and finish the game

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My Suggestions to improve and finish the game

Post by BusterChaos » Mon Sep 10, 2018 2:39 am

I haven’t been able to find a game developer map of all the future planned updates anywhere. Maybe that’s because it would spoil too much, but I wanted to offer some feedback and advice.

Steam says I’ve spent 62 hours on the game so far so I am a pretty big fan. Many years ago I spent a lot of time on the sims games getting nude and other adult sex patch mods and planning all sorts of things. It seemed like a huge online community. I would recommend advertising a banner ad or something like that at that audience, I think this game would be right up their alley.

I’ve asked myself the question ‘when would this game be considered complete?’ and after much thought I’ve decided to give my opinion:

Madison’s story definitely needs some additional stuff, when you are done with that I think Rachael needs an additional better player romance-able plot...other than her the elephant in the room is the orgy Vickie teases about.

The only logical satisfying ending to the game would be one where everyone has sex together outside in an orgy...Derek and Madison together, maybe Amy and Brittney, Patrick with Stephanie. Katherine with Frank, Rachael with Vickie and player with Ashley...or another combination, some can just masturbate, maybe frank misses out because he’s passed out and Patrick is pervy masturbating and watching from the bushes. You do a bunch of side quests and line things up under Vickie’s direction to make it all happen. A big orgy finish. The end. Roll credits.

Add in better lesbian sex positions, a make out/kiss mechanic. (You are missing a huge opportunity in not having girls make out and finger in the hot tub, that desperately needs added). Brittney clearly wants to go further with Amy, maybe you can convince her to try it out?

For me, after you add most of that stuff...and thus new options are available for custom stories too you are done. Call it a done game and charge a little more to new buyers.

Some minor things I'd suggest adding that I don't think are needed necessarily for you to call it a done game but that I think will help a lot are more small tweaks that add more realism. Some of the larger boobs are too symmetrical, maybe adjust their sizes and slants slightly so they don’t look like fake boob jobs. Maybe when someone’s path is blocked and it’s not story critical have the game randomly roll which gets to go and which NPC changes their mind and turns around. More truth or dare games in the hot tub or by the campfire. Maybe some side quests where you help make several NPCs more friendly with one another for friendships sake and/or for them to hook up...stuff like. Better music, the ability to change it. More NPC actions with each other...maybe there's a bowl of chips, pretzels, a party tray, people can seem to snack on, NPCs going to the bathroom from time to time...etc.

What the game needs more of to make it seem more like a real house party more than anything else I think is more NPC interactions with each other. They could help lead to the logical orgy configurations. The Amy-Stephanie toe thing was great, there need to be more things like that, they can be random and don't tie into a quest. More Amy interactions with others, more Rachael and Vickie interactions with others. (for example a quick dialogue between Vickie and Madison after you first talk to Vickie, Madison excited Vickie is there and Vickie is not as excited about the boring party). Maybe Madison has a small crush on Vickie and you can convince Vickie to hook up with her in return for something....more stuff like that....

Maybe the player can invite some NPCs to the hot tub or campfire to sit around and play a game where they learn more about one another....Madison and Ashley seem to roam around too much not talking to other people. I would adjust them so they seem to talk to others a lot longer. Less roaming, more talking to others. maybe add a call/shout mechanic where the player basically uses a 'walkto' command only it doesn't always work. Sometimes the NPC could be angry you called them too much for nothing new. Imagine you want everyone out by the hot tub and you can yell to all. Probably won't work on Frank. After you call everyone to a specific room/location most could linger and get busy talking to each other and interacting with things there. It will make it feel more like a party if almost every character is in one place at once.

Anyway - Once you’re done with the game ending in an orgy I think the next step is a DLC add on. You could make more $$$ by getting current players back for more. A day 2 or something that takes place after you leave the party through the front door. A new story line with lots new quests, a handful of new characters, a new location, maybe a neighbor’s house or better yet a roof top club with a pool, pool tables, beer pong tournament, a secret sex dungeon...etc. you could make another dozen or more NPCs at the bar/club but only a handful interact with you and have dialogue. With the addition of the DLC custom story designers will have a lot more to work with too, new sex positions, characters, and a huge great thing is maybe a female player POV option, one who can finger herself and hook up with everyone too. Also add some male gay sex in the DLC, maybe Frank hooks up with a guy in the club bathroom, or player can get with him if they want.

Finally, I highly suggest an easier custom story interface. As far as replay-ability, gaining a larger following and making a lot more $$$, that’s the area I think makes the most sense for your company to invest in. People should be able to just use simple drop down menus for custom quests, text, objects, sex positions...etc. AND add custom voice overs? I’m not a developer but I realize that’s probably a pretty tall order. Maybe the cost for that upgrade is factored into the DLC expansion. If it’s possible I think you would get a great return on your investment with that.

Anyway, those are my thoughts, hopes and dreams for the future of the game. If you have time I’d appreciate any feedback on them from the game developers as well as other players in the community.

By the way, where should I post a 5 Star review of the game that would help the most? Steam? Anywhere else?

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Re: My Suggestions to improve and finish the game

Post by erasmus » Tue Sep 11, 2018 9:07 pm

We're actually doing a bit of work with a PR company right now so we may be expanding into communities just like that very soon! I think otherwise you're generally kinda close to the direction we were thinking for the remainder of the content, although there's more tweaking for other characters planned in the Original Story, like the guys and Brittney too. Overall some good suggestions! The "party feel" is going to be a combination of both background AI and just little story additions. Things like the toe stub or who likes/talks to who is mostly going to be story-scripted for some time, until we refine a "background noise" sort of system or semi-dynamic talking mechanics like you'd see with random NPCs in Skyrim, Witcher 3, etc.

We don't really like the idea of paid DLCs unless they're huge, unique content boosts (and we don't have a team big enough to finish a game, provide support for said game as we transition into our follow-up title/sequel, AND pump out a DLC large enough for us to justify charging for), but it's something to consider for the very distant future. The Custom Story Creator is built on/within Unity so while there is room to simplify the overall experience and streamline a number of functionalities, as long as it's Unity-dependent it will most likely never be "i-StoryMaker, Point and Click Edition!".

Just stay tuned! We've got a lot of room for improvement and a pretty accurate tally of what needs to be worked on, including more intimacy possibilities that may or may not be similar to your ideas.

Steam reviews are always welcome, or wherever you purchased the game from! Thanks for the feedback and support :D
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