Ideas for future upgrades

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Ideas for future upgrades

Post by Ashley_fan » Sun May 27, 2018 6:03 pm


I have some ideas for some future upgrades for House Party

I would like more negative dialogue options with more witty responses and quick comebacks from the girls.
- Saying to Brittney "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?" and her response being something like, "Satan fell from heaven, are you saying i am a devil?"
- Or a new response to when you ask Rachael "What is your sign?" she would respond with "No entry" or "Please use the opposite side walk" for instance.

After having had the "lesson" from from Vickie that pickup lines do not work, the player should not have them as dialogue options.

More general dialogue, such as small talk. Some just fun conversation, others giving hints to the quests with other girls.
- Talking to Stephanie she will talk about the time that Ashley was paraded around the house naked previously after she was made do spend the rest of the party naked if you do the Madison quest.
- Talking to Katherine she will talk about how Stephanie fries her brain doing whip-its

Also i would change Katherine's personality a bit as she is inconsistent. She is a brainy chick, has a boyfriend, is a bitch and a feminist. I would ditch the feminist aspect of her personality and make her an extreme right winger instead. That would change the some of the "man hating" to "stupid/looser hating" with an emphasis on stupid people should be killed or at least not breed. This would making her overall more consistent while keeping her mean streak.
Example: The partition question could be to euthanise all stupid people instead of castrating all men.

I thing there should be jealousy in the game. There is some if Amy catches you while on the get a condom part of the scavenger quest.

I would expand this to all the girls so you have to make sure that you are in a safe location if you want to get down and dirty. If you have top romance with Ashley and she sees you with Amy in her room for instance she will go into negative on both friendship and romance. The way i would do it is subtract romance level from friendship and set romance level to -1. Also the player should take a jealousy hit if he is taking topless pictures with Katherine or with Rachael flashing in her quest.

For jealousy to work properly there will need to be a lock on Ashley's door.

It would be cool to be able to use Patrick and Derek as wing men and also have them hook up with some of the women. Ideal women for Derek would be Madison or Amy. You already have him being able to hook up with Madison in the quest line as it is more options would be good. Tying this into jealousy, if you are caught with Madison or Amy after Derek has hooked up with them he will fight and it is game over.
With Patrick it would be fun to have him hook up with Stephanie. Perhaps instead of you being the prostitute for the 50 dollars, you pimp out Patrick to do the deed.

I will try and create a custom story with some of these ideas if i have the time so it is easier to visualize what i have in mind. (no promises)

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Re: Ideas for future upgrades

Post by peter980 » Sun May 27, 2018 8:24 pm

Regarding Amy, there is already one line where Derek will beat you up. :D

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Re: Ideas for future upgrades

Post by erasmus » Mon May 28, 2018 11:46 pm

There is also already a mechanic for Amy catching you with Frank or any of the other girls that will cause her to drop a "jealousy" line, and fail the SH quest. The rest is a bit subjective but we'll see if any of it fits as we move forward with content development. There's going to be a very significant consistency and bug-polish phase right before a full release of the game, so that would be a perfect time for minor fine tuning of lines and such.
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