Pose Overview {CSC 0.6.2}

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Pose Overview {CSC 0.6.2}

I made a complete overview of all available poses in CSC. Because the files were too large I had to create a (private) album at imgur.
In case posting the photos directly here is against the forum rules: I'm sorry. Please either tell me or just remove everything after the next paragraph.

Here is a link to the complete album with every pose in the order they appear in CSC: https://imgur.com/a/CbTsDWG

ID 0 - Hands Behind HeadImage

ID 1- Sitting on FloorImage

ID 2 - Bent OverImage

ID 3 - Hands Behind BackImage

ID 4 - Sticking Ass OutImage

ID 5 - Sitting 1Image

ID 6 - Sitting 2Image

ID 7 - Sitting 3Image

ID 8 - Sitting 4Image

ID 9 - Blowjob ActionImage

ID 10 - Blowjob ReadyImage

ID 11 - Female Lay 1Image

ID 12 - Female Lay 2Image

ID 13 - Female Lay 3Image

ID 14 - Model Pose 1Image

ID 15 - Model Pose 2Image

ID 16 - Model Pose 3Image

ID 17 - All FoursImage

ID 18 - Missionary BottomImage

ID 19 - Sex ReadyImage

ID 20 - Doggie Style FrontImage

ID 21 - Cow Girl TopImage

ID 22 - Cunnilingus TopImage

ID 23 - Hot Tub Sit 1Image

ID 24 - Hot Tub Hand JobImage

ID 25 - Take Cell PhotoImage

ID 26 - Sixty Nine TopImage

ID 27 - SelfieImage

ID 28 - Missionary TopImage

ID 29 - Doggie Style BehindImage

ID 30 - Cow Girl BottomImage

ID 31 - Cunnilingus BottomImage

ID 32 - Sixty Nine BottomImage
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Re: Pose Overview [0.9.3] {CSC 0.6.2}

It's fine (at least for me, and this might be a great help for others creators, so thank you for this guide ;)
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Re: Pose Overview [0.9.3] {CSC 0.6.2}

ttant wrote: Fri May 18, 2018 11:51 am ...this might be a great help for others creators...
Beside from being a resource for me that was my only intention :)
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Re: Pose Overview {CSC 0.6.2}

This may need updating for 0.10.x and 0.11.x changes.
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Re: Pose Overview {CSC 0.6.2}

Yep , sadly with the new animations girl on girl action isn't possible anymore (or I'm to stupid to get it working). With splitting male and female animations girls can only receive and giving is impossible, especially for cunillingus. Does someone got a solution? I'm working on my story for 4 months and this destroys like everything haha
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Re: Pose Overview {CSC 0.6.2}

Hey my dude!
Even if it's a little outdated. It's a great reference.
Many thanks! 8-)
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Re: Pose Overview {CSC 0.6.2}

Thanks for posting this. The poses are still correct as of 0.11.3. I also have the Male poses below if anybody is interested. (Note: There are not pictures to go with them)

3-Doggie Style Sex
4-Hot Tub Sit
5-Cow Girl Sex
7-Blowjob Ready
8-Blowjob Action
9-Sixty Nine
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