HP CSC - Important Notes

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HP CSC - Important Notes

Will keep this stickied for two weeks.

Any other CSC expert with pointed tips about how to best deal with CSC complexities introduced between 1.0.0 and, feel free to chime in here. Specific CSC improvement comments/questions like, not that I could imagine why anyone would ask this but, "Why the shit do we have an infinitely increasing number of things to manually deactivate every goddamn release?" may also go here.

Link to CSC: https://games.eekllc.com/Download/csc/HPCSC.
Unity version: Unity 2020.3.39f1


Moving along, the important notes:

Please be aware that Doja Cat DLC content scripting is included (exempt her Characters, Amala and Doja Cat) in the version of the Original Story that comes with the HP CSC This won't affect existing custom stories and does not need to be removed, but those starting work on a complex and/or new story based on this CSC's version of the OS may want to remove that logic, at minimum for readability's sake.

The Doja Cat DLC also added several obstacles/items (visible and otherwise) that you will almost assuredly want to disable/control on both New Game, and in some cases, on "Any Game" Start. For reference on how best to deal with these, we'd recommend you review the following under the Original Story (story script):
  • The "Game Start Events". There is some item control here and an event trigger reference that is used to cluster further controls together
  • The Player Event Triggers, namely those under the "**PLAYER - GAME START AND ENABLE**" header. This section is near the top of the Player's Event Triggers. There are five Event Triggers in total in this section that would be helpful here
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