Guide on disabling some gameplay features for custom stories

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Guide on disabling some gameplay features for custom stories

House Party may have some gameplay features you do not want to be used in your story. Here are the ways how to disable them.

1) For peeing, you can add to player PlayerBladderAutoRechargeDisabled property, so his bladder meter is always empty (so it can be filled only by story events if needed).

2) For disabling combat mode, you can add to player property DoesNotFightBack. Note that this property given to NPCs will make them just block attacks but not fight, but for the player, it totally disables combat mode and makes him get knocked out on a single hit.

Disabling combat mode can be especially useful if you do not want to add to the story any game logic to NPCs on how should they handle being attacked, or what should happen if they get knocked out.

3) For disabling penis size transitions, you can add to player IndefinitelyErect state, where you can force it to be erect all the time. You can also do this to NPCs, but note that for male NPCs size transitions are very minor and this will mostly just affect their penises to stay "in stand up" pose.

4) To disable Orgasm meter transitions, you can set OrgasmSensitiviy for the player or any NPC to 0. This will make the orgasm meter stay at whatever value it is currently. Any sex act will need to be ended manually with intimacy action, due to sex not progressing to climax while this is true.

5) NPCs have default reactions for seeing the player or any NPC naked, exposed, bottomless (or topless if female). As well as default reactions when groped by the player. To disable those you need to add respective Event Trigger for each of those to corresponding characters and have them stay empty.

Note that based on romance stat, those default reactions will change to positive ones, while being negative if this stat is low. So based on story reasons you may want alternatively to just increase romance stat, or maybe manually script what should happen.

Note that even NPCs can have romance or friendship stats between them, but those stats can dynamically change during the game, outside of story scripting, since this is part of background hanging out mechanics.

6) While there is no way to disable the ability to grab items, you can add the "Player Grab Items" event trigger and add DropCurrentlyHeldItem action to is, so that any item that the player grabs is immediately dropped.

7) Some items are by default not grabbable but can be grabbed if you call their AddPhysicsRigidBody function. This will also add gravity to items that did not use it. And grab animations in some cases would look ugly. Note that this does not persist on saved games, so if you want to keep physics to items you added, you need to call this back on GameStart events (so that game load adds this ability back).

8) I have not found any way how to disable grope mechanics. So this could be a nice feature request to add to the game
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