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A Few Notes About CSC 0.15.5

Posted: Mon Nov 18, 2019 2:44 pm
by erasmus
A few new behaviors were introduced in the CSC v0.15.5, and a few 0.16 features made their way in when we redeployed the CSC on 11/15 (if you have not re-downloaded it since CSC 0.15.5 was made available, please do so now). So, FYI:

-Do not use Criteria Groups in stories. This is a 0.16 feature and can break games serialization if they are used.
-WarpOverTime is a 0.16 event and will not work in 0.15.5 stories.
-For the Reach Target event trigger type, to select a Character do the following: select Character type (the second to last dropdown), then the Character you want to serve as the ReachTarget target. THEN, change the type back to Move Target. This is a workaround to prevent a serialization error in 0.15.5 stories. You will not have to do this in 0.16.
-You may see red error text when swapping certain game event options (in WarpTo, WalkTo, etc.) that implies that a certain value is not found. E.g. choosing a character name then changing the option to Move Target instead of Character. This is merely a data mismatch warning. Your current value (the character name, using the previous example) is not lost and will not been changed.