Strip Tease in 0.19.4

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Strip Tease in 0.19.4

I noticed a few references to strip teases in the newest release but don't seem to be having any luck figuring out how to use it. I've found the start/stop strip tease options in 'Send Event' as well as the 'Property' to tell characters they are giving/receiving a strip tease. I tested it out by sending event to Madison to start strip tease for Derek; although the command was accepted/acknowledged as correct, Madison did not do anything.

I'm wondering if I'm missing something or there are other requirements (e.g. characters must be in certain location or wearing certain clothing) or is this command not functional yet?
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Re: Strip Tease in 0.19.4

Make sure the receiving character is already sitting and the "giving" character is not moving, being intimate, in combat, etc. It should be called a "lap dance", truth be told.
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