Health, Stamina and Regen

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Health, Stamina and Regen

I am trying do some things with health/stamina outside of combat and had some things I wasn't sure about.

1) Is it possible for the player be in Combat Mode while receiving a bj? I know you can be attacked and "in combat", as I can remember countless times of Frank punching me in the face during such things, but can the player be set as "in combat" (without someone necessarily coming to beat them up) during Intimacy; I am primarily trying to make it possible to disable Health Regen, and only thing I can find is AbleToRechargeHealthInCombat state. Unfortunately, activating PlayerCombatMode during a bj messes with the pose and does not look good

2) If it's not possible, is there some other way to prevent health from regenerating? Or stamina/energy? I just need to be able to reduce one of these values without it naturally increasing over time
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Re: Health, Stamina and Regen

If scripting is not an option or too complex, another approach could be to apply a hidden debuff to the player during the scene that prevents regeneration. This debuff could be set to last for the duration of the scene and then automatically remove itself once the scene concludes.
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