Custom Story Showcase Announcements and Rules

Discuss and share Custom Stories made for House Party using our CSC tool.
Forum rules
Please follow all Eek! Forum rules.

Rules and Announcements for this subforum and the sharing of Custom Stories can be found here.

To upload your story to the CSU (Custom Story Uploader) so that users can download your story in-game, visit this link:
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Custom Story Showcase Announcements and Rules

We back up all forum and server content every night. You know...just in case.

In addition to the Eek! Forum Rules, the following rules apply to this subforum and/or stories posted herein. Mistakes are understandable, but repeat offenders may have their stories, posts, and possibly forum access removed:


Post one thread for your custom story
Use that thread to continue posting updates to the story or allow other players to ask questions, report bugs, etc.

Format your thread's title for your custom story as follows:
<Story Name> [House Party Game Version] {CSC Version of Custom Story Creator used}
So an example would be (no quotes): "<Eek Loses Files in the Hot Tub? Aqua-Patrick to the Rescue!> [0.8.8] {CSC 5.0}"

We also encourage you to add a brief description or your thoughts on your story as part of your initial post, and be aware that users may have bug or guidance questions for you so check back when you can!

This forum will be auto-pruned every 9 months
Stories older than that with little to no activity or updates may be removed to ensure that fresh and functional stories are available to users.

For story CONTENT or THEMES, there are NO rules. However:
Do not hide or mislead users as to the the content or themes found in your story. If your story is even remotely "extreme" or universally offensive in nature, don't call it <Amy's Happy Fun Cuddly Playtime>.

The actual text of posts and their titles are subject to forum rules.

Your story must have at least some narrative, interactions, and gameplay.

No "completely broken" stories allowed. Players must be able to enter the game world, interact with some items or NPCs, and experience gameplay
If in doubt, make sure your story upload is a single .zip file containing ONLY .character files relevant to your story, ONE .story file, and nothing else. It should effectively look like a structural copy of the Original Story or Date Night With Brittney, etc.

Make sure all NPCs relevant to your story are enabled when they should be.

Make sure NPCs are warped/moved to where they should be when the Player first encounters or interacts with them.
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