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Pre-0.9.6 Custom Stories

Hey all, due to the major changes in the GameEvents system as part of House Party 0.9.6, custom stories made for 0.9.3 and earlier will no longer work at all in House Party 0.9.6 and beyond. You will need to download the House Party Custom Story Creator 0.7.0, import your custom story, and then export it to get it to work with the new events system. This will convert the story and character files for you. Note that this will only convert the format of the files, it will not fix issues unrelated with the change to the GameEvents system. So in short, this will make stories that worked in 0.9.3 function in 0.9.6 for the most part, but will not make stories designed for 0.8.x work in 0.9.6+.

To ensure that users are not downloading a whole slew of non-functioning stories, we have moved all pre-0.9.6 custom stories to the Custom Story Archive. Custom Story Creators can either create a new thread in the Custom Story Showcase board to host their 0.9.6 story and link to their old thread, or they can update their original thread in the archive with 0.9.6 files and PM me to get their story post moved back to the Showcase. Whichever you feel is the most painless.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused, thank you all your hard work on all these creative (and sometimes downright unique :D ) stories, and we look forward to continued feedback on the Story Creation system from all you creators out there.