[Complete Story] Gone Bad Party [1.0.6]

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[Complete Story] Gone Bad Party [1.0.6]

Gone Bad Party story for the House Party game

Made by peter980
Version 11.0.0
Compatible with House Party version 1.0.6

What is the Gone Bad Party?

It is a custom story that includes all the content from the official Original Story of House Party and builds on top of that. There are no new dialog lines since all added content can be accessed with the action wheel.

How to access new content?

New content gets available after inviting Vickie to the party. There is a shortcut to do so early in the game, without doing original opportunity with hacking phones.
Hint: Find one item in the house that has new options after inspection.

So what new content is there?

Ability to increase affinity with all the girls, outside of original storyline opportunities. And, with a higher affinity with them, you will be able to do a lot of lewd stuff. Note that none of this interferes with the outcomes of original story opportunities, but it is easier to get more affinity if already having some romance points, and those are easiest to get by doing opportunities from the original story.

How to increase affinity with the girls?

Watch for actions with a question mark (?) in their name. Those, if successful, will increase affinity with the girl. But they can have a 50-75% chance of failure, if not having enough romance points, in which case you need to wait for some time to try again. Use that time to check on other girls. Note that those actions with a question mark are only available in specific situations. Experiment a bit in order to figure out when they appear.

What else?

There are a couple of new interactions with some items in the house, that were not available in the original storyline, which will unlock more stuff to do. But most of those will only become visible after getting increased affinity with at least one girl, so explore when it makes sense.


1) Affinity progression system with all girls that leads to extra lewd stuff
*This includes both a free roam stuff and some altered versions of Original Story scenes
*Extra lewd stuff available with guys too if playing as a female player
2) Several items in the house have extra interactions that unlock more stuff
*This includes ways to get girls to change their clothing, dance party event and more...
3) Simon Says opportunity with Madison is back in the game, but with a few key changes
*It has different unlock steps and the context of the story is changed to remove some darker undertones
*Includes quality of life improvements and more stuff to do
4) Added extra flexibility to some Original Story content
*Many of the sex cutscenes were made replayable
*Added shortcut to get Vickie early to the party
*Can do both Rachael Dares and Vickie's content
*Added alternative way to get the thermos, if Vickie is already at the party
*Female player automatically gets access to strapon, without need to "interact" with Patrick
*Can complete Ashley's Smooth Operator opportunity if you skip throwing beer on Madison, as long as you wash Ashley's clothes
*Also, Ashley's Smooth Operator progress will not be blocked if you wash her clothes and then discuss Madison's diary
*One more way to resolve the conflict between Derek and Madison, during The Muse opportunity (male player only)
*Frank, if leaving the party, will drop the condom on the ground
5) Added additional ways to get a threesome with Vickie
*Girls can join if you have an affinity with them and good social standing
*Derek can join if he "participated" in a dance party event or in a group activity at the gazabo
6) More freedom in the Rachael/Lety Easter egg scene
*Can opt to not do the scene and later do it anyway
*More freedom during the "ending"
*Ending is not really an ending
7) Ability to change the outfit for VirtuaLeah
8) Player character can lie down anywhere in the house
9) Player character can remove his shirt when using some of the intimacy poses (or flash breasts in case the player is female)

Install Instructions

Option 1: Install as a custom story using Custom Story Browser (CSB)

From inside of the game, click on the Custom Stories button, find Gone Bad Party, and click Install. Start from the game menu by selecting Gone Bad Party custom story.

Option 2: Manually install as a custom story

Extract the zip anywhere you like. Then copy the extracted "Gone Bad Party" folder to your "<Documents>\Eek\House Party\Mods\Stories" folder. Start from the game menu by selecting Gone Bad Party custom story.

Option 3: Install as a mod of the Original Story

Extract the zip anywhere you like. Then copy all .character and .story files from extracted "Original Story Mod" folder to your "<Game Location>\HouseParty_Data\StreamingAssets\Mods\Stories\Original Story" folder. With <Game Location> being "<Steam>\steamapps\common\House Party" in the case of the Steam version. This will replace all .character and .story files from the Original Story. Start from the game menu by selecting Original Story.

Note: These files are set to be read-only, to prevent game auto-update from replacing them with official Original Story files. The start menu will show an error due to this, but that is expected. In order to play the official Original Story again, just delete the "Original Story" folder. Starting the game will then download the original files automatically.

What are the differences between playing as a custom story, compared to playing as a mod to the Original Story?

Playing as a custom story:
+Easy to switch between Original Story and Gone Bad Party stories
+Easy to install (if using CSB)
+Sometimes compatible with new game version
-No voiced dialog (but has background chatter)

Playing as a mod of the Original Story
+Preserved all voiced dialog from the Original Story
+Can load original story save games and continue with Gone Bad Party
-Never compatible with a new game version
-Needs to get uninstalled, in order to play the official Original Story

Known issues

1) Playing the game without Explicit Content Add-On DLC will include some changes. While Gone Bad Party was designed to be played with DLC installed, it can be played without it, but there are a couple of things to be aware of. The main difference is that in the Original Story intimacy ends 3 times faster (outside cutscenes). This is mitigated in Gone Bad Party to happen with the original duration, but it applies to sex only, so blowjobs, handjobs and sixty-nine (or getting oral or fingered as a female player) will still end 3 times faster. This only applies to intimacy involving the player.

2) If you trigger an intimacy action with some girl and it does not start after a couple of seconds, don't worry, that is per design. Someone else entered the area during that time, making the girl uncomfortable to continue (if you don't have maxed out affinity with her).

3) Lap dances may sometimes go out of sync. That is an unfortunate limitation of the game. I have added the option to restart any running lap dances, as a way to work around this problem.

4) If you or some other character gets stuck into walls, open console (~), then type: "unstuck charname" (without quotes). Where "charname" should be replaced by either "player" for the player character or character name for other characters (e.g. "ashley").

5) Installing Gone Bad Party as a mod of Original Story will have as a side effect deletion of all official side stories that ship with the game (Brittney and Vickie side-stories, as well as combat tutorial). This happens due to the way how official stories get updated. On game start, they first get deleted and then updated, but since Gone Bad Party files in the Original Story folder are set as read-only, the whole process is aborted after official stories are deleted, so only modified Original Story remains. To restore official side stories, just delete the Original Story and restart the game.


For French translation, check the following post by ttant
For Spanish translation (for 9.2.x version), check following post by Prome

Important Notice

I do not give rights to anyone to reupload my stories with Custom Story Uploader. That right is reserved only for me.


v1.0.0-v10.9.2 - Downloaded 88600 times
Gone Bad Party Strategy Guide.txt
(31.51 KiB) Downloaded 87 times
Gone Bad Party v11.0.0.zip
(10.44 MiB) Downloaded 180 times
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Re: [Complete Story] Gone Bad Party [1.0.6]

Older releases

Version 10.9.2
Compatible with House Party version 1.0.3

Here is the French translation of this version:

Here is the Spanish translation for the 9.2.x version:
Gone Bad Party v10.9.2.zip
(10.17 MiB) Downloaded 16 times
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Re: [Complete Story] Gone Bad Party [0.20.3/0.21.0]

Beta releases

None available
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Re: [Complete Story] Gone Bad Party [0.9.6] {CSC N/A}

Note that it is deliberate why I have not listed what is new action content.
I will want to see how much time will it take players to explore and find it out.

I may expand on this at later time, and then update the description.


Custom story creator was not used for generating this story. All edits where done manually in story and character JSON files. This is why this story is out before new CSC version that supports 0.9.6.
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Re: [Complete Story] Gone Bad Party [0.9.6] {CSC N/A}

Updated to 1.0.2.
Just added small tweak to master bedroom transitions.
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Re: [Complete Story] Gone Bad Party [0.9.6] {CSC N/A}

Updated to 1.0.3.
Fixed issue with Katherine showing in the living room when it should not be.
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Re: [Complete Story] Gone Bad Party [0.9.6] {CSC N/A}

Updated to 1.0.4.
Fixed issue with Katherine changing location, when it should not be allowed to (tied to one of the new events).
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Re: [Complete Story] Gone Bad Party [0.9.6] {CSC N/A}

Updated to 1.0.5.
Fixed issue when some reactions where not disabled for new content.

Original story fixes:
Vickie will not go to hot tub each time player has intimacy with anyone anywhere in the house (limited to Vickie being near hot tub)
Vickie will not have intimacy repeat dialogue available everywhere in the house (limited to Vickie sitting in the hot tub)
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Re: [Complete Story] Gone Bad Party [0.9.6] {CSC N/A}

Updated to 1.0.6.
Added logic to make sure that Amy and Katherine do not hold phone during intimacy and couple of other events.
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