[Complete Story] Gone Bad Party [0.13.3]

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[Complete Story] Gone Bad Party [0.13.3]

Post by peter980 » Sat May 26, 2018 11:24 am

Gone Bad Party story for House Party game

Made by peter980
Version 2.1.11
Compatible with House Party version 0.13.3

What is Gone Bad Party?

Is is an add-on for Original Story of House Party. No new dialogue lines, all new content is action based. You will also be able to experience all original content from Original Story, if you chose so.

New content is found either by running actions or by progressing with original story dialogue.

Gameplay Notes

Your first goal should be finding the trigger to unlock all other content (hint: name of the story).

After that, you will get new actions for characters and various in-game objects available. Most of the actions have some prerequisites to become visible, so keep experimenting. There are several actions that have question mark (?) in their name. Those actions have 50% change of success, if you do not have decent relationships with specified character. Failing them leads to cooldown, until they can be attempted again. On the other hand, succeeding in them moves affinity with selected characters to new level, unlocking or altering the prerequisites for other actions. It is not bad idea to do Original Story opportunities, in order to boost relations and speed up the process.

Install instructions

Option 1: Install as custom story

Extract the zip to your "<Documents>\Eek\House Party\Mods\Stories" folder. If done correctly, you will get "Gone Bad Party" folder at same place where other stories are (Original Story, Date Night with Brittney, etc...). Start from the game, by selecting Gone Bad Party custom story.

Option 2: Install as mod of Original Story

Extract the zip somewhere else. Then copy all .character and .story files from "Gone Bad Party\Original Story Mod" folder to your "<Game Location>\HouseParty_Data\StreamingAssets\Mods\Stories\Original Story" folder. With <Game Location> being "<Steam>\steamapps\common\House Party" in case of Steam version. This will replace all .character and .story files from Original Story.

Start from the game menu by selecting Original Story.

Note: These files are set to be read-only, to prevent game auto-update from replacing them with official Original Story files. Start menu will show error due to this, but that is expected.

In order to play official Original Story again, just delete "Original Story" folder. Starting the game will then download original files automatically.

What are the differences between playing as custom story, compared to playing as mod to Original Story?

Playing as custom story:
Playing as custom story:
+Easy to switch between Original Story and Gone Bad Party stories
+Easy to maintain
+Sometimes compatible with new game version
+Has background chatter
-No voiced dialogue

Playing as mod of Original Story
+Preserved all voiced dialogue from Original Story
+Has background chatter
-Difficult to maintain
-Rarely compatible with new game version
-Needs to get uninstalled, in order to play official Original Story


1) Extra sexy content on top of Original Story, with all of the girls. All action based. Will not go into details to prevent spoilers
2) Simon Says opportunity with Madison is back and improved with unique mechanics. To experience original version of Simon Says, do so before Vickie arrives to party
3) Shortcut to original story Vickie content (hint: need to obtain and inspect one item inside the house)
4) Alternative way to get thermos, if Vickie is already at the party
5) Ability to use lay down pose, anywhere in the house
6) Loading save game plays automatically all music tracks, instead just original tune on repeat, if mp3 player was docked already
7) Some bug-fixes for Original Story content, in order to improve experience

Original Story bug fixes

1) Fixed issue with Ashley Drunken and Disorderly opportunity not starting if you give her Natty Lite before first time talking to her
2) Untie option for Ashley Top will not appear anymore at the right side of action menu, where Talk button usually is
3) Fixed issue where Signs of Affection opportunity can not be completed if you also have Road of Redemption active. Same action should now complete both opportunities
4) Fixed issue where Ashley would keep roaming state during finale of Smooth Operator opportunity, if you ask her to go to her room before Derek congratulates you about being in good grace with Ashley
5) Resolved issue with increased orgasm sensitivity from Vickie training breaking Derek/Madison scene, if you take advantage of Ashley
6) Fixed issue with Katherine Express Yourself opportunity not counting some characters, if you have good relationship with them
7) Worked around issue of Katherine leaving master bedroom bed naked, during repeat scenes, instead waiting for player, by making sure she gets dressed and equips phone back, so you can correctly invite her again
8) Fixed issue where Madison would attempt to go near master bedroom closet, when player is trying to figure out safe password, even if she is engaged in other story content that is supposed to have her not move

Known issues

1) Due to changes in 0.10.4, where sex only happens in safe spots, there is risk when having two pairs of actors, that both get moved to the same spot. I have added failsafe for this, for interactions in dance room, but please let me know, if it does not work.

2) There is small chance that two characters can get stuck in sex, even after climax. To work around this, use End Sex action. It is recommended to save and then reload the game after this, since after it happens once, it is more likely to happen again in the same session.

3) If you, or some other character gets stuck into walls, open console (~), then type: "unstuck charname" (without quotes). Where "charname" should be replaced by either "player" for player character, or character name for other characters (e.g. "ashley").


For French translation, check following posts by ttant:
* for the custom story
* for the mods


v1.0.5-v1.2.7 - Downloaded 7633 times
v1.3.0-v1.9.5 - Downloaded 6405 times
v1.10.0-1.12.12 - Downloaded 5829 times
v1.13.0-1.15.2 - Downloaded 3690 times
v1.16.0-1.18.3 - Downloaded 4310 times
v2.0.0-2.1.10 - Downloaded 5430 times
Gone Bad Party v2.1.11.zip
(3.79 MiB) Downloaded 378 times
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Re: [Complete Story] Gone Bad Party [0.12.4]

Post by peter980 » Sat May 26, 2018 11:25 am

Older releases

Version 1.18.3
Compatible with House Party version 0.12.4

Check readme file for install instructions, since they were different in earlier releases.

Here is the French translation of this version:
* for the custom story
* for the mods
Gone Bad Party v1.18.3.zip
(1.72 MiB) Downloaded 150 times
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Re: [Complete Story] Gone Bad Party [0.12.3]

Post by peter980 » Sat May 26, 2018 11:28 am

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Re: [Complete Story] Gone Bad Party [0.9.6] {CSC N/A}

Post by peter980 » Sat May 26, 2018 11:54 am

Note that it is deliberate why I have not listed what is new action content.
I will want to see how much time will it take players to explore and find it out.

I may expand on this at later time, and then update the description.


Custom story creator was not used for generating this story. All edits where done manually in story and character JSON files. This is why this story is out before new CSC version that supports 0.9.6.

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Re: [Complete Story] Gone Bad Party [0.9.6] {CSC N/A}

Post by peter980 » Sat May 26, 2018 6:47 pm

Updated to 1.0.2.
Just added small tweak to master bedroom transitions.

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Re: [Complete Story] Gone Bad Party [0.9.6] {CSC N/A}

Post by peter980 » Sat May 26, 2018 7:40 pm

Updated to 1.0.3.
Fixed issue with Katherine showing in the living room when it should not be.

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Re: [Complete Story] Gone Bad Party [0.9.6] {CSC N/A}

Post by peter980 » Sun May 27, 2018 2:23 am

Updated to 1.0.4.
Fixed issue with Katherine changing location, when it should not be allowed to (tied to one of the new events).

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Re: [Complete Story] Gone Bad Party [0.9.6] {CSC N/A}

Post by erasmus » Sun May 27, 2018 6:32 pm

Nice work! :)
Eek! Games LLC
Vice President, QA & UX

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Re: [Complete Story] Gone Bad Party [0.9.6] {CSC N/A}

Post by peter980 » Mon May 28, 2018 3:46 am

Updated to 1.0.5.
Fixed issue when some reactions where not disabled for new content.

Original story fixes:
Vickie will not go to hot tub each time player has intimacy with anyone anywhere in the house (limited to Vickie being near hot tub)
Vickie will not have intimacy repeat dialogue available everywhere in the house (limited to Vickie sitting in the hot tub)

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Re: [Complete Story] Gone Bad Party [0.9.6] {CSC N/A}

Post by peter980 » Wed May 30, 2018 1:23 am

Updated to 1.0.6.
Added logic to make sure that Amy and Katherine do not hold phone during intimacy and couple of other events.

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