September 2022 Custom Story and Steam Beta Branch Audit

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September 2022 Custom Story and Steam Beta Branch Audit

I will be taking inventory of old or buggy stories over the course of today.

These stories have not been updated in some time, and will be immediately disabled:
  • Study Buddies
  • A Cuckold Time
  • Fight Club
  • Fun Sex Party
Once these stories are updated with House Party 1.0.1+, please reply to this post directly or notify the moderation team on Discord.

I will also post this message in our Discord (link below). This post will remain stickied for one month to allow story creators ease-of-visibility.

Discord Links:
Server invite:
Discord Announcement: ... 1252309026

We recommend that all CSC authors update their stories to 1.0.1 at their earliest convenience. Furthermore, if your story is only meant to be played from the perspective of a single player gender, we recommend ensuring that the correct Player Gender settings are selected on the Story Collection object for their story. These are found at the top of inspector tab for the Story Collection/Story "root" object, and are two small check boxes. At least one must be selected. Setting these appropriately will ensure that players cannot access content in your story that uses gender-inappropriate context, tone, pose selection, intimacy settings, etc. For gender-neutral stories, both can be left checked/on.


The Steam Beta Branch will now only go as far back as 0.19.4. Within the coming months (or at least after another update or two), we will likely limit available Steam beta options to those versions 1.0.0 and higher. At this time we may also disable any Custom Stories below that version threshold, especially if they seem incomplete, buggy, have a very low user rating, etc. Please spread the word and get your stories updated. If ownership of a custom story needs to be transferred so someone else can take up the mantle of updating them, please consider doing so.
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