[Coming soon] Night to Decide

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[Coming soon] Night to Decide

I know what you think: "Wow, this Idiot just published a Devlog about a story that's about to come, now he is writing another one?"
Yeah I know not the best, but hey! This time I am prepared. This story is so close to it's first release that it hurts my heart that I can't.
This delay is due to the late release of the new Custom Story Creator. I am working hard on this Story. This story will give you a glimpse about the deepness and complexabilty from the story (Murder Mystery) I am working on. Maybe the storys are even connected in someway... I dunno... You will hear from me very soon. Thanks!

Great Job Romeo! You are going on a Date...After all this time...Huh? No, this is not the right time or place for your backstory. Do you really want to tell your Date your real life story or do you wan't to sugar coat it. Heck, if you wan't tell her that you were a freak collecting toenails I don't care to be honest. I am a narrator...Your narrator to be honest. I know everything about you...maybe too much. But hey let's get this train back on track. So what Image do you want to sell her about you? Your evening, your choices, your consequenses and your endings. If you wan't this isn't just a Date between you and Lety, one friend of hers or even one....or...two...old "fRiEndS" of you will join in...Invited or Uninvited...
Oh man this is getting dark quickly.. Let's say it like this. If you decide you want to win or "capture" Lety's Heart for yourself go ahead I won't stop you cause' I can't... or if you just want to fuck or have a threesome you can try this too. All in all I can say..
Its your Night to Decide
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Re: [Coming soon] Night to Decide

Devlogs are a great way to document your progress and communicate your intent for anyone willing to give feedback. No idiocy there. Enjoy the process!
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Re: [Coming soon] Night to Decide

Any news here?
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Re: [Coming soon] Night to Decide

Hey there!

Any updates on when this story will be out?

Feb 2022 is almost over and some of us are really curious. I know I am!

Just rattling the cage a little.. :D
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Re: [Coming soon] Night to Decide

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I guess we will never see this one.
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Re: [Coming soon] Night to Decide

Hello!? IchFlexDich!!!???

Are you still out there working on this story?

Figured after ttant's post I might shout out...

In the hopes that IchFlexDich might hear it??

I know.... Wistful Thinkin... ;)
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