[Complete Story] Sex Drunk Party [0.16.5]

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Re: [Complete Story] Sex Drunk Party [0.16.5]

Is it just me, or you get weed stuck at the front of the screen at the party start.
You can consume it to fix the issue, but then you can't give it to Leah.
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Re: [Complete Story] Sex Drunk Party [0.16.5]

Fun story but short. Any chance you can lose the bet but stay at the party?
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Re: [Complete Story] Sex Drunk Party [0.16.5]

Huh, I guess we have all been in there actually :D. I still remember that I have met one of my girlfriends at one of those parties, and it was probably one of the most insane party. We had a special connection since the first moment when we met each other, We spent the entire night together, drank a lot of alcohol, had sex and after that we had a 2 years realtionship. She was a really crazy woman, I still remember when she asked me to buy her a dildo so she can play with it when I am away :DD. At last, I got her a jason luv dildo, and she loved it so freaking much.
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