[Translation only] The house [0.16.5]

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[Translation only] The house [0.16.5]

All credits to monkeyfeet for creating this custom story (available only using the in-game feature).

:arrow: Only available from in the game. Click custom stories at the upper right from the main menu.
Sadly, forum and in-game feature use separate accounts. You may need to create another account there to download this custom story.

1. Download the zip file.
2. Go to the Eek\House Party\Mods\Languages folder (on windows: C:\Users\$$username$$\Documents\Eek\House Party\Mods\Languages)
3. Move the zip file in that folder
4. Right click, extract here.
5. Delete the zip file

You might need to fix the mods/stories part as well so the translation shows up.
The main idea is to move the content from
C:\Users\$$username$$\Documents\Eek\House Party\Mods\Stories\The House\The House
C:\Users\$$username$$\Documents\Eek\House Party\Mods\Stories\The House

To do so:
1. Go to the Eek\House Party\Mods\Stories folder (on windows: C:\Users\$$username$$\Documents\Eek\House Party\Mods\Stories)
2. Go inside "The house folder".
3. Cut the folder named "The house"
4. Go back in the "Stories folder
5. Paste "The house" folder there.
The House-fr.zip
(11.98 KiB) Downloaded 456 times
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Re: [Translation only] The house [0.16.5]

Strange question?

There are three of these so far that I myself would like to try the story out.. :cry:

Where can I download this story at? I can not find it in the stories listing..

I posted the same question to all 3 translation information posts..

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Re: [Translation only] The house [0.16.5]

Download story directy from the game.
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