Introducing the Custom Story Uploader!

Discuss and share Custom Stories made for House Party using our CSC tool.
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To upload your story to the CSU (Custom Story Uploader) so that users can download your story in-game, visit this link:
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Introducing the Custom Story Uploader!

Helloooooo Custom Story lovers! It is our pleasure to announce the release of the Custom Story Uploader (CSU) tool in advance of our release of 0.16.5! This tool will allow you to upload a Custom Story (CS) that will then become available via a Custom Story Browser (CSB) directly integrated into the House Party (HP) client. Other users can then download your story directly via the CSB, play immediately, and then rate your story!

Oh fuck yeah dude.

Here is the link for the CSU:

Using the CSU, you'll be able to upload your story, provide a description or other text, a thumbnail, and an optional Eek! Forums link dedicated to your Custom Story. Check it out, you can start uploading stories for internal testing right now! Come on, you know you want to help us iteratively improve core feature sets! Just be mindful that it's still being worked on almost every day, so if it goes is most likely us throwing wrenches at it. Or re-calibrating the tubes, etc.

Here is the CSB that you'll see in the 0.16.5 HP client when it is released. And yes, all platforms (Patreon, Steam, GameJolt, will have identical access to these tools upon the release of 0.16.5:




Appearance and features will be improved over time, so just bear with us. For now, we want to give you all a head start on making your stories available to the public. Note that you must create an account on the CSU Page in order to upload stories; no other account (Steam, Patreon, Eek! Forums, etc.) is usable as a CSU account. Your stories must contain .character file(s) and a single .story file; we will not be accepting any other file formats as part of Custom story submissions.

Here are additional rules that will govern treatment of accounts and stories on the CSU/CSB:
  • You must be 18+.
  • All characters depicted in your custom story are portrayed as being above the age of 18.
  • We aren't against moral ambiguity in a story, but your custom story cannot simply contain hate speech or be hateful in nature.
  • Your custom story is within the legal parameters of your country’s media regulation standards.
  • Your story does not contain any trademarked materials, images, or names.
Eek! Games reserves the right to remove any story from our service that (based upon its content, CSU description or name, or thumbnail, etc.) is deemed in our estimation to be unlawful, hateful, malicious, abusive, harassing, or pedophelic, or otherwise violates any applicable law within a state, national or international purview. We’ll also probably call you a dick.

For those who are unaware, you create Custom Stories using our Custom Story Creator (CSC). You can find info, tutorials, and download links for the CSC here:

Note that none of these tools are related to Steam workshop, asset modding, or game modding in general outside of what the Custom Story Creator allows.

We look forward to seeing your stories!
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