[Incomplete] Fun Party Remaster [0.17.3]

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Re: [Incomplete] Fun Party Remaster [0.16.5]

There a problem, when i use Fun Party Remaster in HP 0.17.3, the character show up but when i update Fun Party Remaster with HPCSC 0.17.3 the character not show up at the party. the character show up with HPCSC 0.16.5.

House Party 0.17.3 - HPCSC 0.17.3
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House Party 0.17.3 - HPCSC 0.16.5
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Re: [Incomplete] Fun Party Remaster [0.17.3]

11-16-2020 is busted!~?!?!?

I played all of 2 minutes and as soon as I clicked on Ashley for dialog I got locked into a dialog loop with NO dialog selection for Ashley's responses.

This resulted in my being locked into the dialog mode with her standing in front of me waiting for my question or instructions but I could not make
any selection from the popup/drop list because it never opened. I could not exit out of the dialog mode! I had to use console to exit the game with
the mouse cursor and click on the window task bar to select the game task bar pane to tell it to close the game panel.

I tried changing the game version using the beta drop list on the properties panel for the game but no version including 17.3 will fix this problem.

It appears that the 11-2020 release dropped or lost some of the content. A few NPCs had clothing glitches too. IE: Ashley is running round the house
in her top and panties as if she is sitting in the hottub but not quite ready to go topless..

I did not get to see other NPCs up close due to the locked in dialogue mode. so I cannot clearly describe what it appeared the clothing issues where
for sure with the other two NPCs.

I hope this gets fixed soon! I liked this story in earlier versions that seemed to be tuned in pretty well.

There is much potential here as with all stories players have created..
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Re: [Incomplete] Fun Party Remaster [0.17.3]

French translation updated.
I confirm that some stuff from the april version is borked or missing.

I also reorganize the first post to ease the readability. :mrgreen:
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Re: [Incomplete] Fun Party Remaster [0.17.3]

Why is not the new version of this story uploaded to the Custom Story Browser?

The version there is from April this year.
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Re: [Incomplete] Fun Party Remaster [0.17.3]

Probably because the author doesn't remember to upload it there, or because this version seems incomplete compared to april version.
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Re: [Incomplete] Fun Party Remaster [0.17.3]

why as soon as I take out my penis in front of a girl I can no longer move I am French I used google translation thank you for your understanding
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