[Complete Story] Gone Bad Party [0.19.4]

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Re: [Complete Story] Gone Bad Party [0.19.4]

In other news, I'm working on a Beta release that would be compatible with the 0.20.0 version of House Party.
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Re: [Complete Story] Gone Bad Party [0.19.4]

Here is the 0.20.0 Beta 1 release of Gone Bad Party:

It is a first release compatible with the 0.20.0 version of the game.
To access this version of House Party, you need to switch on Steam to the corresponding beta branch.

Main changes

Updated story to match the 0.20.0 version of the game.
This is turn adds an official conclusion to Vickie's Good Guests Gone Bad storyline.

Did you know that name of this custom story was inspired by the name of that Vickie's opportunity?

Anyway, since in Gone Bad Party, Vickie arrives much earlier in the game, that also means you get faster access to the juicy content of the Good Guests Gone Bad storyline, as long as you finish training with Vickie in the hot tub.

Still, that does not mean that new Vickie's content is there for free. You still need to get girls to like you, and that means finishing whatever content is required for them to agree to a threesome with Vickie, as well as a corresponding friendship/romance score. This is almost unchanged to how it works in Original Story.

Did I say "almost"? Correct.

Here are what is changed regarding requirements for a threesome with Vickie:

1) Several partygoers in Original Story have friendship/romance requirements for a threesome that can not be normally obtained without finishing some of their story content. But they do not have enforced what their story content needs to be completed. Due to this, some of the partygoers can be persuaded to threesome more easily, without finishing their story content, if you gain affinity with them and raise their friendship/romance outside of Original Story content. I will not spoil exact requirements for each partygoer from Original Story, exempt where it is required to show my changes.

2) In light of the above, Brittney does not require finishing Amy's scavenger hunt in order to get a high friendship/romance score with her, but you still need to hook up with her and Lety in the study room. And you still need to get Brittney's friendship/romance score to high values by other means, in that case.

3) Similarly, Leah does not require finishing her story content with the snake, if you get her to a high friendship/romance score by some other means. Although, note that if you do finish snake content on her "dark" path, she does not have friendship/romance requirements at all.

4) Another new change is that Katherine can be persuaded to threesome even if you finish Stephanie's doctor lady path if you gain any affinity with her. Even then, you still need at least a medium friendship/romance score with her. Note that this alternative to the story requirement from Original Story where it was mandatory to finish hookup with Katherine.

5) One more change is that Derek can be persuaded to threesome (hetero) if you have him join the "dance party" at least once. In that case, you also need at least a medium friendship score with him, but no romance score. This is an alternative to the story requirement from Original Story where it was mandatory to finish his romance path and also have a high romance score with him to agree to threesome (despite the actual threesome scene being hetero in nature).

Other changes

Several girls will react favorably to catching the player having sex in situations they did not before.
Removed some of the bug fixes for Original Story, since they got fixed by developers themselves.
Fixed issue with getting a wrong reaction from Amy after threesome scene with Vickie (new Original Story bug).
Fixed issue with Amy and Leah gaining the wrong bra during threesome scene with Vickie at the gazebo (new Original Story bug).
Lots of code refactoring.

Known issues

Installing Gone Bad Party as a mod of Original Story will have as a side effect deletion of all official side stories that ship with the game (Brittney and Vickie side-stories, as well as combat tutorial). This is due to an unfortunate change in how official stories get updated from 0.20.0 and forward. Now, on game start, they first get deleted and then updated, but since Gone Bad Party files in the Original Story folder are set as read-only, the whole process is aborted after official stories are deleted, so only modified Original Story remains. To restore official side stories, just delete Original Story and restart the game.
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