House Party v14 glitches

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Re: House Party v14 glitches

Post by erasmus »

We've run the game through the profiler with just the main player character avatar and no other characters enabled. There isn't a gradual increase of memory usage just because the main character exists and is being animated. Increases in memory usage the first time certain objects are enabled/appear/etc.? Yeah. Temporary increases in memory usage? Sure, absolutely. If I warp around the game world and look around in every direction, I see those in the profiler, but those increases subside over time or when appropriate and there's zero evidence of disproportionate/unexpected spikes in usage or any permanent, ever-increasing trend of memory usage/a leak. Again, that would cause memory issues on MANY more computers than just yours and other folks who are using systems under our minimum specs.

This is a rather cursory examination, but in this video you'll see that the VRAM usage stays within a range of low 200s to under 300MB for much of the video, and the range is very much the same at the beginning and end of the video. In fact the only thing that differs at the beginning and end (i.e. that increases and does not go back to a range similar to what's shown at the beginning of the video) is my total system memory usage, which takes into account every ounce of memory my system is using, from every application. There's also a very small increase memory allocated to overall Texture + RenderTextures (20ish MB) over the course of the video, but it caps out once I exhaust my exploration of the game world. in You'll also note that at 05:35 I start playing with animations/poses (beyond the crouching, running, sprinting, etc. I do elsewhere), and there is no evidence of an increase in memory usage that can be directly correlated to this.

There's a big difference between a) "your game is leaking memory due to a flaw or development error, and it's causing me/others problems" and b) "you haven't taken the steps needed to make it run on my/others' computer". The first, a), is simply not a universally true statement. You can see that above. It's a video of literally just the player (according to you the root cause), alone, in an environment he cannot even interact with ("blank story"). The second, b), I will admit *may very well be true*. But...the beginnings of this thread were based upon you not wanting us to optimize or tweak the game, etc. None of us have 8-9+ year old hardware. Most users according to our Steam hardware surveys do not have 8-9 year old hardware. There's only one way to try and get the volume of feedback we need to tell if the game is working for the largest volume of players we can, *including users with legacy hardware*...which is do what we're doing.
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Re: House Party v14 glitches

Post by MistyXXX »

So why everything around me loads and I can stand for days with smooth animations in the background, which I stated countless of times already?! Meaning Katherine, Ashley, Rachael, and etc can walk smooth around me. The only problem is that once moving around, the player looks like a spike ball, then game crashes after a few minutes. It seems like potential right? Because everything in background is smooth, and the player is having some sort of glitch problem causing the game to crash. I don't appreciate of you constantly stating how old someone's hardware is, when in fact it's only the character with the problem! There is the problem and you're not on the same page as me! I don't know what it is, but it's stating memory allocated error in the log, which means the texture is spiking more than it really needs to. Please stop and I'm trying to help, not just me, others too I'm trying to help, and I can point out that it's not just me! All I know is that the memory profiler is quite complicated and you can alleviate issues if done correctly to make some different hardware to handle better. If I can't play higher versions of the game, so be it. However, something is telling me this old hardware has some potential somewhere, and I can't explain why. Perhaps I'm right that this variant of graphics card can read Direct 3DX 11? Still don't criticize some customer like you did with stating old hardware, when you don't know for sure and throwing guesses, when I know the issue going on by crash log! It's your approach that raises eyebrows. Sorry. ... y.html?m=1

I thought a posted a helpful link of do and don'ts somewhere? However, it's the best I can find for now. I'm trying to help improve your game! So appreciate the help. The memory profiler is quite complicated, at least by what I read. I really don't want to get complicated. However seeing some issues with graphical issues, well it's stating how it's handling with some hardware. Have to avoid some things and trust me I can show anybody by just researching, because really I will learn it enough to point out what you're doing wrong to actually help you.
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Re: House Party v14 glitches

Post by MistyXXX »

I'll try to find that do and don'ts link with memory profiler that explains full detail. Just not coming in search, but I want to help improve the game if that's the issue? The problem with this forum site, it logs you out after a few minutes, even during typing. Please adjust that! It's the reason why I thought I posted the link somewhere. By the way it's annoying after I'm developing a post and submit.

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Re: House Party v14 glitches

Post by ttant »

Note: this post is only MY pov and eek! games can not be blame for it.
how old someone's hardware is [...] but it's stating memory allocated error in the log, which means the texture is spiking more than it really needs to.
New features + Old hardware WHICH FRACKING DO NOT SUPPORT that new feature = BUGS.

It simple like that.

If you car can't take the new gasoline provided by oil company (because they had to use ethanol or whatever substitute with the original recipe) due to new law applied. it's might be time to change your car.

Here is the same. your hardware is old and that's it.
Old hardware must be change to get better performance and effect, otherwise a 40 years old 486 at 33 Mhz would still be enough for photoshop this day. But you're right, stuff like that is still used by nasa for sattelite embeded computer as the design is bug free and stable for the extreme hard condition it has to perform. And yes i know, I overemphasize.

Another question which come to my mind : What will you do when windows won't upgrade because your gpu is no longer supported by the os requirement ? You can still cry about that to microsoft, but i'm pretty sure, they won't even answer you.

Also, don't forget that House party is developed using unity3d and the issue might come from the engine on which the team can only report issue.
Perhaps I'm right that this variant of graphics card can read Direct 3DX 11?
Perhaps you're wrong ?
Just download aida64 or gpu-z to be sure once for all.

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Re: House Party v14 glitches

Post by MistyXXX » ... 1_of_3.php ... 2_of_3.php ... 3_of_3.php

Stop arguing with me and just improve the game! I know exactly what's going on with the game!

Some slightly older hardware might have problems, which is the issue!

How many times do I have to tell you I'm not the only one?!

How many times do I have to tell you? The rest is smooth!

What's the word? 'Patronizing' in a way of telling me it's old, yet being rude at the same time, which I don't appreciate it! I'm trying to solve some issues here and also help others that are having problems too that concern some graphical textures glitching. Have some gratitude for once!

I didn't even appreciate that you called my graphics card old also during a purple-pink glitching, which I solved for Bobby! Bobby is more gracious to help.

What if I told you I have ran DirectX3D11 games just fine! It's the card variant, if that makes any sense to you? Sure perhaps some newer updates of DirectX3D11 it can't take, but the start of DirectX3D11 it can use, and I'm not just stating 10.1 version. The card variant was made on the verge of DirectX3D11, which explains why the rest is smooth a bit. So explain why the rest is really smooth animations and the player glitching to a spike ball, which is the only problem?! I bet 100% that the memory profiler with 'Mono-textures' if done correctly, older hardware will take it better! I know exactly! ... ormat.html

Known Issues in 2019.1.0b2 under investigation
Asset Import: Error message - Asset import did not unload metadata path. This will leak memory (1106466)

Editor: "Opening Project in Non-Matching Editor" pop up is missing in HUB while opening 2018.3.x project in 2019.1.a12 (1108963)

Graphics: Editor throws "GetGfxDevice() should only be called from main thread" errors and eventually crashes when in Play Mode (1110007, 1119496)

Package Manager: Packages fail to compile and show Package Manager because of missing .NET Core prerequisites (1110751)

Prefabs: Editing prefabs directly in the project browser is no longer possible (1120805)

Scripting: Editor crashes when ScriptableObject filename does not match class name when reloading the ScriptableObject (1118266)

Shaders: ShaderGraph - Slider Node doesn't refresh when values are changed (1106475)

Video: Video Clip renders only in single Game Window when multiple Game Windows are open (1109551)

Yep it's Unity! Problem solved! Yet you can clean up yourself to alleviate these issues.

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Re: House Party v14 glitches

Post by ttant »

Official answer:
Those articles that were linked to are nothing new, and we are utilizing all of those things on our code. We had Unity devs themselves travel to sit with our lead dev and review our code and we patched up any leaks and optimized memory use and garbage collection. Our profiler reading is actually quite good in terms of optimization. The biggest thing stressing the game is the high poly models, but the player character isn't the only one in need of improvement in that regard.

There could be 10 people reporting the problem. 25 people, 50 people even, out of 400,000+ users, and if they all used under-spec'd cards, we would still not take any action. But there aren't that many reports. AND the few that have reported anything even remotely similar to this ARE all using under-spec'd cards, to our knowledge. There are five people working on this project, 2-3 of which that have in-depth knowledge of Unity's graphics systems, and we aren't going to divert their workload to address something like this. We as the developers decide what the minimum specs for the product are based on what we know will allow for failure-free functionality. If this occurs on multiple systems that meet or exceed the minimum specs, only that would be actionable.
According to ... 5m_fr.html
Microsoft DirectX: Compute, 10.1
That's it. Your GPU is no dx11 complaint, period.
It might support some part of it, but it's not 100% compliant according to the manufacturer.
And NO, there is NO difference between revision of one GPU chip. Only embedded memory or clock parameters can change, nothing else.
You don't meet the minimal requirement so no surprise it doesn't run well.

That being said, everything was written. As this is a useless debate, i close the topic. Further thread of that matters will be deleted without warning.