READ FIRST - House Party Log Locations : Have System Specs Ready Too!

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READ FIRST - House Party Log Locations : Have System Specs Ready Too!

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Please have these ready if you are reporting a crash or any incident of a pop-up error you think might be related to the game. They can also sometimes be helpful for troubleshooting performance issues or other bugs. Note that the .DMP/crash files will only be created in certain cases where the Unity Error Handler itself catches the error, generally when you see a message like: "The game crashed. The crash report folder named 'DATE_ID' placed next to game executable. Send to the developer of the game!".

Having these logs ready will help us resolve your issue faster and make the game better for everyone. Thanks in advance!

Error log and crash.dmp files (Engine/Unity-system related failures). A folder will be generated for each crash, labeled with a date, so grab the most recent one! If your issue is not crash related, you might not see this.
YOUR INSTALL PARTITION:\ or C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME HERE\AppData\LocalLow\Eek\House Party\Crashes
As of 0.11.3 the error logs, .dmp file, and possibly a copy of the relevant output_log could be located here:
YOUR INSTALL PARTITION:\ or C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME HERE\AppData\Local\Temp\Eek\House Party\Crashes

Unity output log (system and GPU data, runtime messages, and errors of varying types):
YOUR INSTALL PARTITION:\ or C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME HERE\AppData\LocalLow\Eek\House Party\output_log.txt

You may also be able to find Windows logs of a crash or evidence of the application hanging (even if there was no specific error message) at the location below. Look for folders with names very similar to "AppHang_HouseParty.exe_" followed by some letters/numbers. Inside will be a .WER (Windows Error Report) file that we can open with just about any text editor, like notepad.
YOUR INSTALL PARTITION:\ or C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME HERE\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\WER\ReportArchive

For crashes or graphical glitches that persist (i.e. are not fixed by restarting the game or reinstalling the game), please get a copy of your DirectX diagnostic tool log. To do this, Run or Start Typing "DXDIAG" in your Windows Start bar, and select and open DXDiag.exe. In this program there will be a "Save Information"-phrased button that will save all the DirectX info to a file. Please have this file ready for these types of issues.

Also please have a screenshot or some form of capture of the in-game Debug Log (press the F5 key when playing) when the problem occurred, if possible. UPDATE: As of 0.9.2, the "Save to Log" feature will now work with the in-game debug log. Please have a copy ready.

You may also be able to gather info on processes currently running while playing House Party by going to your Start Bar/Menu and typing (or using the “Run” option): “cmd” to bring up the option for the Command Prompt, then right-clicking this and Run as Administrator. Then, when the window is open, type “tasklist > C:\processlist.txt” (replace C:\ with your desired file location) and hit Enter. This .txt file will appear at the designated location and can be sent in along with the other files for troubleshooting.
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