[0.9.2] Issue with Ashley/Madison fight scene, and how it can break other content

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[0.9.2] Issue with Ashley/Madison fight scene, and how it can break other content

Post by peter980 » Thu Apr 05, 2018 3:23 am

Ashley/Madison fight scene is massive event, affect almost all characters in the game.

Due to that it can break a lot of content.

What is does is moves all characters to fight scene, and sets to roaming to disabled.

Then, after the fight scene, enables the roaming (exempt for Frank and Stepanie, that are moved to their specific locations).

This works (almost) good if done early in the game.

But later, when roaming states change for characters due to other story scripts, it can lead to problems.

I'll list some examples:
Katherine will roam after the fight, instead of only moving when phone jammer is active
Having Katherine (for first time) or Rachael in bed, will break their respective quests (and even move them naked to watch fight), if fight starts
Vickie will move from hot tub, and not return back, if needed for her quest.
Amy will move from fire pit, when she needs to discuss things, and break no sorority path
Naked Amy from end of no sorority path will move to watch fight from Ashley room, and then roam naked after it

I do not want to think about some specific dares for Rachael...

Anyway, unfortunately, to get this fixed properly, you need to write down list of all states where some characters are rooted in specific position, that can not be fixed by repeated request (for example you can always ask Brittney to go to hot tub), and then script restoration of that state, at the end of fight scene. Or have those characters just ignore the fight.

Like move move Vickie to hot tub, and prevent roaming, after fight, if some specific conditions fir her quests are met.
Or have Katherine not care about fight, if waiting in bed, etc...

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Re: [0.9.2] Issue with Ashley/Madison fight scene, and how it can break other content

Post by erasmus » Wed Apr 11, 2018 9:43 am

Yeah, I've given this same feedback. Mass events like this can be rather dangerous and need to be handled very carefully. It didn't even work that well for Humiliate Ashley for quite some time (and as recent bugs have made us aware, still does not 100% of the time). We're working on polishing the WalkTos and story elements for this scene though.
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