[1.0.0] Minor inconsistencies for female player

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[1.0.0] Minor inconsistencies for female player

I'm impressed with how far the female playthrough has come in such a short time. It now feels very polished and complete. I noticed a few minor issues in a day or so of playing, mostly dialogue inconsistencies:

1. Stephanie dialogue 146, alternate text says "...I'm glad you finally stepped up and showed him the error of his ways..." even if the player is female

2. Katherine dialogue 61, first player response says ""Dare you to tell the cutest person at the party you had a wet dream about him last night" even if the player is female

3. Ashley dialogue 169, both alternate responses use the phrase "got you hard" which is slightly out of place for a female player

4. In Madison's reward for pranking Ashley, she begins cunnilingus on the female player without removing the player's shorts first. This is not game breaking, since the player can use the E menu remove them manually and progress the act, but could lead to some players getting stuck if they don't realize the solution

5. When playing truth or dare with Amy in the hot tub, a thought bubble appears about Amy being busy every time you talk to her, implying she's not able to talk, even though her dialogue and the truth or dare game proceeds as expected. It's an annoying popup given that you have to talk to her several times in a row to progress the plot.[/list]
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Re: [1.0.0] Minor inconsistencies for female player

Thanks yo, we'll take a look!
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