Stuck on several storylines, need help

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Stuck on several storylines, need help

I can't give Ashley Madisons diary because she doesn't want it and I can't give it back to Madison either. I have read her diary, I have her phone and I have seen the pictures. I've given Ashley a towel, but I've also untied her top which made her trust me less. She keeps asking me how our plan is going, but I have no idea how to progress. Can't seem to progress with Madison either.

I've betrayed Derek by taking Madison to bed, which resulted in a bad relationship with Derek. There's no way to prove to Frank that I'm not gay so I can get a condom as there's no option to do sexual actions in front of him to convince him while I have high love bars with some characters who I'd thought be able to do it.

I'm also trying to contact Vickie and I gave Patricks phone to Katherine, but I managed to get her to the bedroom right before giving her the phone (as I thought it would just let us leave to a secluded area to give her said phone, but she went to the bed in Madisons room). I follow Katherine to the study room which she stands naked, seems like she's waiting for me, but when I click on her to talk it says she's busy. Have I broken her somehow?

I've been trying to search for a way around or some sort of solution, but I'm pretty much stuck. I've seen posts about a command console which could help "unstuck" her, but I can't find it as it's not keybinded to any of the keys mentioned.
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