Only 2 Natty Lites on Frank when looting?

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Only 2 Natty Lites on Frank when looting?

Post by TinkerTailor »

I gave Frank 6 Natty Lites to gain his favor, however after beating him up after finishing Leah's quest and looting him he only had 2.

Even if this isn't a bug, it's a bit inconsistent :?

And all of those Natty Lite bottles in the cupboard that we can't take, will we be able to take them once we beat Frank in the next update?

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Re: Only 2 Natty Lites on Frank when looting?

Post by erasmus »

There's some text that explains it. It's randomized, actually. Who knows what he did with the others! IIRC you can get as many as three beers and a wine back from him, plus the camera, plus the condom, hypothetically all at the same time.
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