Sisterly Lust copying House Party?

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Sisterly Lust copying House Party?

Just saw an adult visual novel game on Steam called Sisterly Lust and three of the four main girls resemble very closely some of the girls from House Party. ... erly_Lust/

In the trailer, the girls Bella, Liza and Susan look awfully a lot like Madison, Brittney and Rachael; respectively.

What are your opinions?
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Re: Sisterly Lust copying House Party?

Original character from house party come from Daz3D (eek team made lots of change). Some assets (objects, even the house!) come from unity3d maketplace. This is why you can find look alike stuff of house party in other uncorrelated game.

That's why you can find renpy or even rpg vm games with pictures that look like HP characters, or other unity3d game with the same house.

Anyhow, this game is well written and graphic are well done.
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Re: Sisterly Lust copying House Party?

The first screen is too bright, can't see or play it. No sound or free-roaming apparently. At least, the screen was too bright for me to tell if I was moving. I could hit escape and read the menus very well though. I was able to quit from inside the game. Deleting to recover the gb of hard disk space now.

So far the only games I've found that weren't trash or unplayable were:
House Party
Active Doll
GV and AD have some menu elements that are hard to read. Like I'm not sure why activedoll wants to make my mouse cursor smaller and everything pink on the opening screen, but I was okay once I selected a model and got into a dark theme studio.
GV is masterful graphic, lighting, sound, and photographic options and just hard to read buttons for positions and dressing room.
No free-roaming in GV, and AD just walks the girl to wherever you point, but it's all point and click to get them into sex positions alone or with other girl(s).
House Party I like because it's more other girls, free roaming, graphics almost as good as GV, and quite enjoy the masturbating to embarassed girls or fucking the girl who told me to get my dick out of her face. Stephanie's a great fuck-buddy, and watching girls make-out with each other or Derek riding Brittney are all good too. And I don't think I could forget that catchy 3-second looping jingle if I wanted to... House Party's not as clear or decently lit as Girlvania, and the sex is a little less perfect, but definitely has more variety of characters and reactions thant GV.

Aand Sisterly Love went to my recycle bin without me getting to see naked girls. (To be fair 99.999% of any "games" listed on porn sites don't even let you download anythign without attacking your computer or demanding contact/payment info first, then make you have to go through your credit card company to get your money back when their game is trash or doesn't work. SL let me download and delete it for free....)
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Re: Sisterly Lust copying House Party?

I found another game, new adult game, listed under Simulation Games called Goddess detective from an oriental (by characters of ID) developer/producer that clearly copied the house from House Party. The video and images presented shows a female avatar in 3rd person control prancing through the house in a red and black bunny outfit. The only changes they appear to have made are few furnishing changes and adding front porch activity.

But the house itself is clearly copied.

Just thought you all should know and since there was a post about another game riding the wave created by EEK I just posted it here. Hope OP does not mind..

Just lookin to protect our favorite folks..
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Re: Sisterly Lust copying House Party?

Fyi, the house of house party is an asset from unity3d store. Anyone can use it, there is no copyrights issue there:

So... It's kinda expected that other unity3d game uses the same house in their game.

I know that silicon lust also use the same house. Difference being:
* Different layout of dining room / kitchen
* acces to basement
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