This is a game that needs to be made

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This is a game that needs to be made

I was reading some random stuff and I came across this:

"Grown from a cloning vat in the depths of the Black Site research labs found below Area 51, your first memories are of injections and ventilators. The poking and proding of scientists, the bright lights in your eyes…these dark recollections fueled your hate for humankind. You didn’t care how many bodies you left in your wake, you would not stop until you and the stuffed rabbit you called Dad escaped that wretched facility. And when that day of bloodsoaked freedom finally came…oh it was glorious."

It was obviously written as a joke, but seriously, it would make for a great game :D

It demands to be made.

That is all.
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Re: This is a game that needs to be made

That is a game.... I just can not name it off the top of my mind. It seems to me it was one of those flat lateral games where you could not interact with the background, but as I said can't really put a name to it, for now lol. :lol:
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