Brainstorming : Everybodies Ideas for Office Party!

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Re: Brainstorming : Everybodies Ideas for Office Party!

Main thing for me is that all, or most sex interactions are in first person perspective, and not just cutscenes
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Re: Brainstorming : Everybodies Ideas for Office Party!

The suggestions definitely follow a certain theme! For something completely different, it would be fun to have some general asshatery and shenanigans available. Like office pranks and being a jerk in general.

Office pranks (from being in sales):
Stapling a report to someones back
Taping a sink’s handheld sprayer to soak the next user
Send an envelope full of glitter
Pack the coffee pot so it comes out crazy strong
Tape the bottom of someones mouse
Swap keys on someones keyboard. Like m and n
Infect someones pc with a virus that randomly changes the background to softcore gay porn (best on someone who would get really uncomfortable with it, very customer facing)
Air horn taped to the bottom of an office chair

Other random insanity:
We had a thunderdome and had insects battle to the death. Praying mantis always won
We had an area to break things so we could let out frustration
Some got wayyy too high and still worked
Spit distance competitions

It was like a fraternity. Nothing crazy enough to get you fired but definitely to annoy each other in the middle of trying to make sales.

Anyways, you guys seem to have a pretty good sense of humor and I think some silly actions that may or may not have anything to do with the story would make the world feel more alive and memorable. Up to you.
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