Brainstorming : Everybodies Ideas for Office Party!

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Re: Brainstorming : Everybodies Ideas for Office Party!

Gegecucu wrote: Sun Sep 13, 2020 3:07 pm Hey,

Just a few ideas/propositions:

- In House Party, I REALLY like the fact that all the pictures you take with the camera (and whenever you want!) are stored so that you can take a look back at them later (in game). I would be glad if this feature could be reimplement in Office Party :D , and maybe improve (see below).
- To integrate it fully in the gameplay, the different NPC may react differently when you show up your camera/smartphone and depending on the situation (at work, during party, date, sex, etc.).
- Also, as a gameplay feature, there could be a possibility to take stolen pictures of the NPC (in disturbing moments - sexual or not) in order to have a way of exerting pressure on them later or as a quest for someone to get influence points.

Other ideas of gameplay:
- When having sex, you could earn "bonus points" when fullfilling partner pleasure bar before yours (in order to feel rewarded for not behaving selfishly or for having much sex skill). With the same idea, you could have "malus points" if you do not care about their pleasure / well being. In House Party, I do not think that it has a real influence when the NPC reach orgasm first.
- Each character should have different preferences for sex position / rythm / other (like groping, slaping, ...) depending on their personnality (or hidden personnality ;) ). Of course, doing what a NPC likes should quickly increase its pleasure bar and doing what it dislikes should not change its pleasure bar or even reduce it (an option may be available in the game option to disable it if it annoys some players). With these features, you should have a bit more challenge (linked to my previous point above).
- Unlocking specific abilities and/or skills could allow you to increase NPC's pleasure even if the current position/rythm/etc. is not in their liking.

Based on what is currently done in House Party, I do not think it would be very difficult to implement for a new game but I am not a game developer so this is only my opinion!

Feel free to tell me what you think about these ideas!

Thanks for the fun I had with House Party and I hope Office Party will a be an even more successfull project :)

Hey thank you for the feedback! We're thrilled that you're enjoying House Party :D Some of those are quite doable, even in House Party, but due to time constraints we may hold off on adding them until a post-full release update or a DLC. We can of course definitely consider them (especially the intimacy ideas and uses for various camera-equipped items) for Office Party as well. There will be more dynamic behavior in Office Party so "preference"-based behavior and reactions will fit right in!
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Re: Brainstorming : Everybodies Ideas for Office Party!

I would like to leave some of my ideas, if it is not too late.

  • - possibility of dating and living together
    - possibility of same-sex dating
    - lover
    - jealousy of courtship quarrel and break up if caught with another.
  • - Purchase of clothes for the player.
    - Possibility to buy gifts and drinks (via internet and delivery to the apartment or work as a box on the floor).
    - Purchase of furniture for home or apartment.
    - Own car or public transport (interfere in the status of wealth and time of arrival at work.

  • - turn light on and off.
    - different times (the watch could walk like other games even if it didn't move the sun's light)
    - working minigames if the work is on a PC.
    obs: work of photographer, model or IT technician. it would be easier with what already exists in HP. but computer jobs could be represented with minigames.
    - clothing value position in the company's hierarchy will be considered in favor to win some of the NPC.
Approving the idea of ​​jobs ...
  • - Photographer Take pictures of models and make them feel comfortable with dialogues or not depending on what to say to the npc!
    - Model and only use the right poses for the npc that will take the photos.
    - Technician and maintenance, fix all types of electronics that give problem in day to day and replace when necessary.
    - HR hear complaints and alleviate situations between employees through conversations.
    - Manager (minigame with 2D graphics how to organize items in stock, and do not allow to buy 0 from suppliers or send to another store of the company) in addition to having to motivate and identify employees who are not buying their functions through converting.

  • - Hair cut and color.
    - Wet clothing (slightly transparent or changing the color or increasing the reflection of the clothing object would already give the effect).
    - Work room or work table.
    - Play house or apartment. (even if it's just placing and removing furniture at fixed locations in the house)
    - Undressing animation 2 animations one for top, one for pants. (I know that the clothes knits will not have the physique to go out during the animation, but if it has the animation it already helps! even at HP it would be good!)
Growth posibility:
  • - Having a beginner job and being able to move up a career,
    winning the new job alters the minegames of work and a better place to work like your own room.
Interaction with characters:
  • - More options like follow me (I think it already exists but I feel it was little used)
    - Go to the npc bathroom and play. Staying tight or even doing it if you ignore the urge or don't arrive in time (what a bad thing to lock the door)
    - Stop drinking badly. a green vomit would be great!
    - Hunger npc and play, some foods like barbecue and / or savory.
sorry people if anyone has already given any of these ideas, I partially read the forum and at the moment I believe that all these ideas are new! but I would love it if any of them are on the project.

some are easy to do and I'm even doing it in a personalized HP story, like npc going to the bathroom or getting wet if you don't get there, but I'd love to see it in the main story!
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Re: Brainstorming : Everybodies Ideas for Office Party!

Not too late at all! Thanks for the feedback! We're already planning on having a player apartment, the ability to buy items for it/the player, and more! We'll have to see if the rest fits into our goals, but keep it coming!
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Re: Brainstorming : Everybodies Ideas for Office Party!

It would be a good idea to make a Office Break Room

With Mini Fridge and Beverages
Coffee Bar
Furniture and Tables

It would look really fancy and cool something like this.
1686A5C4-711F-4F89-9A73-7DB3B718ACF3.png (1.1 MiB) Viewed 7595 times
Also looking at my earlier posts I realized some of my ideas sounded stupid or not doable.
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Re: Brainstorming : Everybodies Ideas for Office Party!

Hello team,

I really liked your house party game and I think it should be the frontier of adult games. Nowadays, everything considered OK like killing people, selling drugs etc. is an acceptable except sex which everyone does. It should be in every related games.

For the ideas;

Maybe we can take numbers of the girls in the office and flirt with them and eventually sex with them in the break. We can use toilets for that but the entrance of toilet will be monitored by security cameras so we need to be friends with security in order to prevent snitching us.

Other than that if there will be a option to not remove stockings for the girls that would be awesome ;) and add some hairy vagina like Ashleys

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Re: Brainstorming : Everybodies Ideas for Office Party!

Nice ideas! I'm sure we'll have some break room fun in Office Party ;)

Keep 'em comin!
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Re: Brainstorming : Everybodies Ideas for Office Party!

1.) The copier scene from the movie FILTH. (A size comparison game with the guys in the office for the women to judge, be honest and photocopy your dick for a honest reaction OR be smart and hit enlarge on the copier 3 times and get a couple women in the office EXCITED/shocked, 1 woman may see it then not be able to contain herself and drag you to another room. Or photocopy your ass for the lolz.

2.) The married office slut, her loving husband has no idea how she spends her days flirting with everyone and hooking up when shes bored.

3.) Pranks and prank calls. (Order a stripper gram for someone in the office, hide a phone addict's phone and watch them lose their mind, spike the punch bowl with a psychadelic, summon a group of L.A.R.P.E.R's and make it an awkward costume party, draw on drunk/passed out people, text people convincing them their partner is cheating and then watch the fallout.)

4.) Corporate sends 2 boring HR reps (1 male and 1 female in suits) to make sure nobody gets too buzzed, or has a fun time....(conspire with everyone to take him out, or break through their shells to find their inner party/sky animals).

5.) Catch your boss getting a bj by the prudish one in the office whose trying to get a raise (take a pic for blackmail, convince them to let you watch, convince her to suck you both together, or compete with her for the pay raise.)

6.) Certain characters S/O's show up randomly changing the dynamics/adding tasks. What if the office slut's husband stops by and a brah of yours tells you to keep him distracted while he bangs his wife, or he shows up and catches you having sex with her or sees her dancing naked.

7.) Powers out, grab a flashlight and find the fusebox (i hope nobody is doing anything "bad" in the dark that you could stumble upon)

8.) Your boss's boss shows up, shes intimidating and is interested in you, she commands respect and you better answer her questions right or you could be fired and rehired on the spot, if you play your cards right you might even end up in a room naked with her sternly giving JOI and teasing you.

9.) Call security, you see a theif, theyll be escorted out temporarily, possibly strip searched, but its all for the greater good, cant have thieves around.

10.) I.T guy thats a conspiracy theorist, cause who watches the watchmen? He does.

11.) (Areas) - elevators/stairs, parking lot, maintenance room, special offices, break area, balcony, bathroom/shower, security room, even a room that hasnt been opened in decades... i wonder whats in there.
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Re: Brainstorming : Everybodies Ideas for Office Party!

I know it's not the most traditional of places for looking for inspiration for this game, but I highly recommend going back and watching the 80's movie "Secret of My Success" for inspiration. Almost everything top to bottom in that movie seems tailor made for this game.

Includes things such as:
  • Mail Room Employee pulling off double life posing as an executive, including clothing swaps moving between jobs
  • CEO cheating on his wife with a female executive
  • CEO's wife attracted to someone at the office.
  • Trying to keep relationships secret
  • Escaping managers to keep from getting caught in everything.
  • Secretary constantly catching someone changing.
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Re: Brainstorming : Everybodies Ideas for Office Party!

as long as katherine is in the game, has a good story and same voice actor, im sold.

other than that, it would be nice if you could know the characters better and form some kind of relationship in them, more than you could in house party. maybe know them on a personal level later.
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Re: Brainstorming : Everybodies Ideas for Office Party!

Thank you so much for the ideas my brahs. We'll surely give this a look once we get things going for this project. :
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