Enable fuck dialogue option with console commands

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Enable fuck dialogue option with console commands

Just one quick question, is there a way to trigger the fuck dialogue option with console commands without completing the opportunities? I've tried using the Dialogue and Events but without success.

I'll explain why i want to do this, i just want a complete save with all the sex scene unlocked and i don't want to use a custom story because there is no voiceacting (at least for the one custom story i choose).

Thank you in adnvance for your help!
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Re: Enable fuck dialogue option with console commands

Well, not all characters in the original story start with Fuck option in the radial menu.

Some start with a dialog option instead. In fact, that is the most common setup.

Even then, to get the correct dialog reply, some variables or quest checks are added on top of it.

So the only way to know the exact sequence for each character is to get Custom Story Creator, load Original Story, and explore what triggers what in the game.

As a hidden bonus, some characters have TEST events left by developers that trigger specific points in the story. But be aware that they may not always work correctly.
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