How I ended up purchasing House Party!

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How I ended up purchasing House Party!

I am Partylion ...and this is the story how I ended up purchasing House Party:

A long time in front of a pc far far away... I noticed the presence of a game, ...I was not interested in.
Some years passed and I, somehow, stumbled across said game again ....but this time it was a little different.
The letters on the screen in front of my very eyes shaped a word, in fact it was two words, "lock/ban".
I remembered I've seen some screenshots of that banned game before and I was like ...why ban that?
Isn't that this stupid, rediculous game I had a look at for not more than 60 seconds a while ago?
It was! It was house party and it got banned in germany, whew, good I'm not from germany, I thought by myself.
But this made me curious and I read more about that topic.
During my almost scientific research I could not find a reason why I would ban said game.
Well maybe it also because I'm against censorship in general because I think no government got the right
to dictate what it's citizens are allowed to read, watch or play. Yea, that's the main reason, I guess.
Besides that, I don't see any reason to ban House Party, even if I would support the idea of censorship.
I almost hate to read as much as I hate to write, but I wanted to know more and I found a comment of a eek games developer
refered to the mysterious name of Don regarding the Lety censorship on a page called vapor, vapecom or somthing of that kind.

It stated:
"If you've supported us to any degree financially, anywhere, we aren't going to take issue with you doing what you have to do to get the most out of the product. As long as nothing is being rubbed in our faces, no trolling is occurring, etc...there's a certain amount that can go unspoken in many exchanges here. Wink wink, fondle fondle."

That's a cool attitude in my humble opinion, so I dug deeper and finally found the screenshot of this game's warning-screen,
at a first glance I thought it was funny but than I heard myself talking me!
...through the words of a stranger, displayed on a wonky screenshot:
(excuse me for shortening a bit, but the original is not how I would say that but I'll put "..." to mark shortened passages)

" should not play this game instead you should probably go play somthing with gratuitous violence, gore, murder, genocide, war, decapitation, and dismemberment ...if there's one thing we can learn,..., it's that sex and sexaul themes are deplorable, and nipples, vaginas, and penises are vile and reprehensible. You should be ashamed for even having them on your body, and they
should be censored from all media, unlike all those other things mentioned above"

There is so much truth, regarding fundamental problems of most so called civilized societies, in this statement,
it's actually sad and I could not have phrased that better myself!
That's how you guys at eek games got me ...I immediately bought the game.
And you know what's best? I even like it and I have a ton of fun with the CSC you released

...Thanks for the game, your attitude and something else ...whatever!
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Re: How I ended up purchasing House Party!

Hey! May I say brahsome recognizes brahsome? So glad you have enjoyed that game as much as we're making it. Cheers!
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Re: How I ended up purchasing House Party!

Welcome to the party ;) and we look forward to hearing more from you!

BTW we uh...we don't actually fondle here. At least not much, and not outside celebratory situations. Hopefully that doesn't disappoint you.
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