[Request][texture] Rachael without tattoo

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[Request][texture] Rachael without tattoo


I might be quick to do any french translation,, but when it comes to textures edition, that's not the same story.
So can someone fill an easy (i hope) request ?
I just want rachael texture with no tattoo.

Thanks in advance ;)
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Re: [Request][texture] Rachael without tattoo

Is it required to be original Rachael texture without tattoos (without flower on her arm no bird flock on her back)?

If not, this mod has Rachael with Vickie's texture, so no tattoos on her:
(in main SexyTexturesRepack v1.0.zip)
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Re: [Request][texture] Rachael without tattoo

Here is my attempt of only removing the back tattoo.
Rachael no back tattoo.png
Rachael no back tattoo.png (612.72 KiB) Viewed 4006 times
Rachael no back tattoo 2.png
Rachael no back tattoo 2.png (676.57 KiB) Viewed 4006 times
Flower tattoo is too tricky to remove by using the cloning feature, due to being a big non-uniform area.

And download link on MEGA:
https://mega.nz/file/CqphwQoZ#v5u2muYty ... Li47uipJPE

I won't be adding this on Nexus Mods, nor creating a new thread, since this was not full request completion.
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