Personality Traits

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Personality Traits

Post by Chinichief »

Hello everybody

i am curious as to how much the personality traits e.g "shy", "nice" etc affect how the characters react to certain things like flashing and so on.
Today I tampered a bit with one character but unfortunately I didnt actually keep track of what I was doing (yes my bad) :D

What I was wondering about were two different reactions from amy when groping her chest. First she was like "i dont like that" and after tampering she said "ugh i never thought katherine was right about guys being jerks"

I used the console to manually increase her friendship and romance meter.

Is there a way that different trait combinations create different reactions? Or is there more to it like her quest and so on?

Sorry if this was asked before but admittingly I didnt use the search function.

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Re: Personality Traits

Post by redwings16 »

i think if you want different reactions you will have to create them in the custom story creator as far as the traits i really haven't had much luck working with custom stores enough to answer that

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Re: Personality Traits

Post by peter980 »

The two reactions you noticed for groping are all scripted and based either on how much time you did them or current relationship level.

As for personalities, some of the traits are used for NPC backend AI, but actually most of them are placeholders doing nothing.

One that is very impactful is Exhibitionism and it controls how do characters behave if naked.

Exhibitionism < 0
Covers when having exposed breasts or no panties

0 <= Exhibitionism < 50
Covers when having no panties

Exhibitionism >= 50
Does not covers when exposed

It also controls what kind of swimwear will character use in hot tub

Exhibitionism <= 0
Has both top and panties in hot tub

0 < Exhibitionism <= 50
Just top

Exhibitionism > 50

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