Fetish suggestions for future updates

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Fetish suggestions for future updates

Post by Frencherman » Sun Jan 06, 2019 4:49 pm

Hi Eek! Games team, hi fellows,

Almost embarrassing that I discovered your great game on steam only a few days ago despite of the fact that it is already in development for quite some time.

Bought it instantly being a sucker for interactive erotic experiences, and I can only say that House Party is not only one of most advanced sexual fetish games out there, but most probably a lighthouse project to define the future of pornography. You created a diamond with the House Party Experience and I would like to contribute to further development with some ideas as follows:

Interactivity: There is a similiar game out there where you can can type in commands or phrases to interact with characters in a more direct way. That would be a nice feature in addition to pre-selective answers. Like asking the girls to strip in a specific order.

ENF Fetish: It's a fetish about embarrassed naked women. It would be great to extend on this with reactions from characters.

CFNM Fetish: A fetish about clothed woman reacting in humorous or turned on way when seeing naked males. I would love to hear the women potentially laugh when seeing the packages.

Pantsing: I would love the option of pantsing or ripping every piece of clothing from characters in this games. Like the top from Ashley. This could obviously lead to game over situation, but also a perfect feature for quests.

Touching: I would love to see option of touching or being touched independent from sex poses. High potential when the package is hanging out :)

Randomn sexiness when being drunk: Characters starting to do funny things, strip or have sex when getting drunk.

Some first ideas :) Looking forward to have discussions around this.

Best and continue your great and talented work 👌

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Re: Fetish suggestions for future updates

Post by erasmus » Sat Jan 12, 2019 4:05 pm

Hey thanks for your support! Having a female laugh upon the player exposing themselves, and then say something mean is already possible via custom stories, and I believe there are already a few instances of this in the Original Story. If Ashley is very angry with the player, she demeans him when he exposes himself, and I believe another character like Katherine also has some insulting dialogue in such a situation.

We aren't really a "sim"-type game so the closest we can get to simply allowing interactive, full command of characters is via the radial menu or dialogue options, and is best accomplished in a custom story. The stories Eek! releases are meant to be specifically narrative.
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