More Lady Licking

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More Lady Licking

Post by Baddieus » Sun Dec 30, 2018 1:51 pm

After my last suggestion, I've now decided this game needs more lady licking ...

There could be options for others than those currently available, and I've lined out a few below.
Each will give a friend & lust boost ...

When Ashley is naked & waiting on the laundry the player can initiate ...

so, when is the last time you felt some true pleasure == it's been longer than I care to share, why?
cause your looking good enough to eat right now == well how about you slurp me up then?
hell yea! have a seat on the couch == giggle (sits on couch with a medium spread)
(player can strip or not at this point, then activate the "lick" option now available)

When taking photo's of Katherine, she refuses the offer to give Frank more than he can handle, but ...

but what if I were to offer my gold star services to your pantless self? == hmmm, that is tempting
well let me temp you a little more (show long tongue and wiggle) == oh wow, come'ere boy
(obviously there is no animation for that action, just the text suggesting the player did so)
after she says 'com'ere boy' she drops her pants & grabs the player like another persons does in the main story

When Amy is reviewing the penguin, player can initiate ...

You've been so helpful on this project, is there anything I can do for you? == there may be one thing
Name it, your wish is my command == well since your that eager, I could really use a good licking
you got it, let me lock the door ... Amy will now be naked on the bed & the player has a lick option.

After Madison gets her feelings hurt over the sky animal comments, player can initiate

if there's anything I can do to make you forget this happened == well there might be one thing
anything you want, just name it == lock that door & I'll tell you
player locks the door, turns around to have her pantless on the edge of the bed ...
as he approaches she says you can get on your knees & make me writhe with pleasure (* or … You can lick me up one side & down the other*)
(player now has the lick option)

When Rachel has the strip before the player on a dare ...

This view is even making my tongue hard == well that wasn't part of the dare, but since your offering ...
(she lays down in the grass & player has a lick option)

*PS: Amy has an option already, but if the others were added there could be an achievement for licking 4 ladies … "A Tasteful Night"
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Re: More Lady Licking

Post by ttant » Mon Dec 31, 2018 11:25 am

All those can be added to a custom story based on the orginal one.
Maybe mada7 (author of much sluttier party) or peter980 (author of gone bad party) can do something for you if the dev didn't add it themselves.

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