Sugggestion for Tugs

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Sugggestion for Tugs

Post by Baddieus »

I've played through quite a bit of the game & noticed that the player only tugs himself without ever being asked to do so or being assisted … but what if? So I made this huge suggestion to freely offer ideas to the Dev's for their future use 8-)

When in a private area, and the girl is in or near the lust zone, you pull it out and there's commentary like below … followed by a request to see you stroke or the occasional volunteer to do so for you (*PS: use a slightly quicker orgasm meter for tugs but not Vickie quick*)

Once exposed #1 strokes, but if #2 could just shake it a bit & #3 could inform/give warning before orgasm that would help.
If not available to program for #'s 2 & 3 then you can adjust the guides below, they are just suggestions for you use
If available get more different giggles from the girls as well as other yumming/oooing/getting horny noises ...

Example for Stephanie while dancing topless by the hot tub
(privacy not required & no one gets offended, but rather because she asked for this then anyone around will watch the show & cheer the action)

[Press P]... my dancing is making you hard == only because your so good at it
(giggle) well shake it for me baby == happy to oblige (press #2 a few times)
you know it's been a while since I had a splash on these titties == I'll see what I can do (press#1)
(nearing orgasm press #3 to inform and she drops to her knees in front of the player)
during orgasm she says ... yeeaaa shoot it all over my tits, just the glazing I needed
== end scene and she goes back to dancing ==
if #3 were not pressed she says ... that's my leg not my tits, you should have warned me
== end scene and she goes back to dancing ==

Example for Madison anywhere private & in the Good Friends zone

[Press P] ... Nice Package, what's a party without a little nudity == glad to be appreciated (press#2 a few times)
are you shaking it at me like that for a reason == just trying to give my party host a good show
as a good host I suppose I should treat the new guy == really! you would help me out with this?
just this once but don't you dare tell anyone == you are the best party host ever!
(she takes hold with one hand while standing to one side of the player)
** while she strokes she talks about herself and/or anything unrelated to the task at hand **
if #3 is pressed ...OK, go when your ready ... said in a non-chalant manner like this is no big deal
then after ... hope that made you feel extra welcome at my party & she walks away

Example for Katherine ** only during the topless photo scene after at least 1 picture was taken

[Press P] ... just couldn't keep it in your pants could you? == your brains combined with your beauty make it hard to keep my expansion contained
looks like it's not all that's hard for you ... press #2 a few times
you'll never achieve anything just shaking it like that == so what should I be doing?
you gotta stroke it == like this? (press #1)
no you idiot, haven't you ever done this before? == I guess not the proper way, can you show me how? (press #1 to stop)
I suppose I'll have to before you hurt yourself == thanks, I need to be smarter about these things
(she gets on her knees in front)
... first you need to ensure proper lubrication
(she drip/spits in her hand(s) and takes hold with one or both hands if possible)
... next you spread the lube all over
... then you slide down gently at first (try to animate what she is saying)
... then as you feel yourself stiffening you can start sliding faster and tightening your grip while keeping the motion steady
(*optional about half way to orgasm) ... add more lubrication if needed (big straight spit on the action)
when ready press #3 to warn and she will move her face to the side
... and that is how it's done the right way, I hope you learned something
if no #3 warning is given the player shoots all over her face and she makes gross horrid sounds
... OOHHH !! why didn't you warn me you moron!! ... (runs to nearest bathroom & slams door, comes out later all clean)

Example for Ashely ** only while waiting on the clothes to wash/dry when she is naked

Player says ... the clothes are in the wash, want me to keep you company?
... sure but I think it's only fair if you are naked too (player strips)
Ashley says her line ... I could think of a few things to do with that
Player says ... we have some time let's sit & you can show me what your thinking
(after both are seated she takes hold) ... let's see how hard I can make this thing
... hmmm, I'll need to slicken this up a bit (she leans her head down in the players lap for a moment w/ licking sounds)
... there that's much better (steady stroking ensues)
Player can say ... wow! you are really great at this ... or other conversation options
(*nearing orgasm Ashley says) ... it's feeling like you're going to explode
(press #3 to warn and she will drop her head in the players lap)
... mmmm salty sweet & no mess to clean up, now I need something to drink (beer or soda from player if available)
(**if no warning given) ... wow, that went all over everywhere, hope it doesn't stain my couch ... I wish you would have warned me

Example for Rachel ** only during the dare questline using one of the spoof text options

... can you follow me somewhere again ...
(she will lead the player to the usual side of the house for the dares)
... ok, I gotta give you a handjob this time == well, it would help if you were topless for this one
... I suppose that's fair, you've been so helpful to me (removes top) == should I get naked or just whip it out?
... which ever way your most comfortable == (player choses)
... now you just try to relax & let me do my thing
** she will take hold from the side like Madison did so the #3 warning can be optional
** during the process she can talk about the players body as if impressed and enjoying this dare thoroughly

Example for Amy ** During the art review on the penguin before it's complete

Player says ... maybe you could give me an opinion on something else while we're up here alone
... sure, I'm happy to help a friend, what do you need me to see? (player strips or Press P)
... Wow, I didn't expect it to be so big == you know it gets bigger if you hold it
... hmmm, maybe just for a moment ... (she steps close & reaches forward to take hold but no meter yet)
... oh boy is it getting big now == if you like that you should feel it surge
... I've never done that before == well now is your chance to try it
... you'd let me experiment on you? == sure, what are friends for?
(at this point she can drop to her knees in front and take hold with both hands)
... wow, this is great, I like to feel it throbbing == just keep going and it will pulse even harder
(when it's time press #3 to warn and she will move her head to the side)
Excitingly said ... oh yea, wow, this feels incredible, ... etc (use your imagination)
... that was the best experience I've had with one so far == I hope to give you a better one some day
** if no warning given she is still excited for the delivery but
... that was great but you made a mess of my favorite bumble bee top ... you should have warned me

Other options could include using the office chair once Brittney is out and the available girl kneeling in front
Also, there could be requests after flashing to "let me see you rub that thing" or "I'd like so that gun go off" or other creative commentary so you can spooge in front of them or maybe even on them without negative results

Overall I'm sure the minds that made this great game can use the above to create even more scenarios for those of us who have a full appreciation for their hard work in creating this awesome piece of entertainment.

Thank you Dev's !!


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Re: Sugggestion for Tugs

Post by erasmus »

Hey there, some interesting ideas here and while we can keep the general themes in mind, and maybe see if we can mimic a small part of one of these sequences, very specific requests like this are likely only going to be seen fulfilled via a Custom Story. You can also post these ideas over in the Custom Story Creator wishlist section and see if any other users bite :D
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Re: Sugggestion for Tugs

Post by Baddieus »

Thanks Erasmus for the response,

However I would like to say these are "spit-ball" ideas that I came up with for examples and any, all, or modified versions of each are free for the Dev's (or any side-story creators) use to incorporate if they feel it would benefit an already great before it's finished game. I was actually thinking mini-game-ish on the orgasm meter where it will flash 2 or maybe 3 times at most, making the window really short to give the warning before going off, but wanted to frame it with workable scenarios. As things stand you have a positive review from me on Steam & I consider your game to be money well spent … THANKS!!

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Re: Sugggestion for Tugs

Post by erasmus »

Ah I gotcha. No problem and thanks for the review :D We don't have the ability to offer a "UI flash" based on Orgasm value, but you CAN pop up a thoughtbubble, center screen text, narration (each of these is a DisplayGameMessage event), or even a dialogue based on Orgasm value. The Original Story currently implements something like this actually as an event trigger in Madison's story, when the player is masturbating/posing with Madison during the "Like a French Girl" opportunity to serve as a warning not to "finish" during that sequence. It's just a Periodic event trigger that executes under specific criteria, and then within those criteria, a sub-event triggers any time the Orgasm value is > a floating number value. Once we release the new CSC you should be able to import the Original Story and look at that trigger to review it.
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