Let's talk about Katherine (the smart one).

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Let's talk about Katherine (the smart one).

Post by Jimothy » Thu Dec 06, 2018 5:09 am

I've got these questions and I wonder what everyone thinks of as an answer. Please just give the impressions you got playing the game.

1) Why does Katherine learn new things? Is it a) knowledge for its own sake/self-betterment, b) to lord it over other people, c) to advance in her profession and be successful, or d) she's interested in and enjoys certain subjects?

2) Do you think Katherine has studied psychology?

3) Why is she bitchy to people? Is it a) she doesn't realize people think she's a bitch, b) she knows people think she's a bitch, and doesn't care, c) she prefers people think she's a bitch, or d) she chooses who to be bitchy to based on whether she cares about them?

4) Would you say Katherine is cunning or manipulative?

5) What do you think Katherine cares about?

6) What are Katherine's insecurities, or does she have any?

7) Katherine's angry at her boyfriend for being a dick, to the point where she punishes him by fucking you. What do you think he's done, and why does she put up with him? What do you think that relationship is like?

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Re: Let's talk about Katherine (the smart one).

Post by Jimothy » Thu Dec 06, 2018 5:53 am

1) It's hard to say. The answer that makes most sense to her character is C, but she's knowledgeable in too many fields for that to really make sense -- why does she understand electronics AND software so well? I feel like the venn diagram of people who can fix a malfunctioning microwave and people who can hack phones to make texts appear to come from different numbers has very little intersection. Perhaps she changed careers, or perhaps her dad was a microwave repair guy or something.

2) No. She doesn't seem interested in understanding people she deems less intelligent than herself.

3) Going entirely based on her behavior, I have to assume A, as hard as that is to believe. How could she not realize people think she's bitchy? Hard to say, but you've got to consider two things. First, she doesn't treat you (especially) poorly if you don't say stupid things, so it's not an attitude she's chosen so much as a kneejerk reaction to what she observes. Second, and far more importantly, the way she treats her boyfriend is not the way you treat a boyfriend you want to keep -- but she seems to want to keep him.

4) No, she's not manipulative or cunning. In fact, she seems to be the basic "book smart, but not clever" character that you get in a lot of American villains. She makes no effort to manipulate Frank, her efforts to control her boyfriend seem to fail, and she's made a fool of multiple times. It's clear she WANTS to be controlling, and to wear the pants, but her only power move is "do this and I'll fuck you."

5) This is weird -- I really can't tell what she cares about, because her behavior and mannerisms are at odds. She needs her wifi/cell signal, because she's arguing with her boyfriend through her phone. She doesn't seem to be hanging on every word, though. She's trying to win, in fact it seems very important to her that she win, and show her man that she wears the pants in the relationship. She also makes you go around flashing people for her amusement before you can fuck her, and she makes it clear that the important thing was that you do what she wanted. But at the same time, she's willing to let Frank have a topless pic of her, taken by some other guy she just met, just to get some booze. Even if she's not shy and doesn't give a shit who sees her naked, it doesn't make sense that she'd let Frank get the best of her, especially without trying to fight back at all. She seems to want power over men, but if so, the Frank interaction makes absolutely no sense. The person who will fuck a stranger just to "win" a fight with her boyfriend wouldn't take topless pics for a guy who locked up the alcohol and held it for ransom.

More, she seems to want people to recognize how smart she is. She brags constantly, and is willing to fix the microwave and help you send sleazy texts to trick Rachael into fucking you, just to show off. She likes you more when you ask her for help. She doesn't ever put up a fight, or say "What's in it for me?" Again, this seems out of character for a power-hungry bitch, and more in line with someone who needs validation for her intelligence. But if she's looking for praise, why doesn't she act at all insecure? She's utterly without guile, wearing her emotions on her sleeve, so you don't think she could feign confidence if she didn't really feel it. She's not bashful when you tell her to take topless pics, she's forward and direct... she seems like she's got nothing to prove to anyone, and yet her behavior (doing favors for only praise in return) doesn't fit that profile.

6) Basically what was said in 5 -- she does things that suggest insecurity about how her intelligence is perceived, but doesn't carry herself like someone with any insecurities.

7) It's clear that she's mad he's not attending the party, but not why he refuses to attend. Is he avoiding her, or is there just something he'd rather do? It's hard to say because it's hard to envision the kind of guy she'd date. She seems to favor men she can control but also despise stupidity, and she's not good at manipulating people herself. When it comes to predicting and managing human behavior, she's actually way behind the curve. Those three factors together suggest someone who's intelligent, but allows her to feel like she has the upper hand. And yet, she clearly doesn't feel that way during this argument, which suggests he knows the relationship has run its course, and doesn't care what happens.

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Re: Let's talk about Katherine (the smart one).

Post by cesidio » Fri Dec 07, 2018 11:48 am

Lol you already answered.


1 is D. She is super hacker blablabla because she studied it and was interested but she does no effort to use her knowledge for herself.

2 Of course not

3 She doesn't care, she believes she is superior. Think about old nobles with peasants.

4 She is not manipulative because she won't lower herself to speak the language of common people. She would rather sell her body.

5 She cares about challenges and she hates wastes of time even if they are pleasant. She enjoys more work than party. Think about a computer, expecially with old DOS, it isn't much different with her. You ask and she performs, you speak about something else and give you errors.

6 If she doesn't know about a topic she is 100% useless. Think about MacGyver but a little autistic. He is a very inventive guy that can solve any situation with only his knife. Katherine can solve everything but only if she has Macgyver's knife, she won't solve much if a piece of puzzle is missing and will bang her head against a wall while most people with half of her knowledge will perform better.

7 He is a boyfriend only in name. Katherine even phoned him during the sex, it is clearly a revenge. I guess Katherine was already dumped but she can't accept it before obtaining her revenge.

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