Save Game Stability (after 0.13.3)

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Save Game Stability (after 0.13.3)

The below is the old text of this post, but as of the 0.13.3 update, save games are no longer deleted when receiving updates for House Party, and can be used across future versions of the game. Just bear in mind that not all brand new content will work when used with an old save game, and that attempting to carry over saves from 0.13.3 to something like 0.16.x (i.e. a much later game version) will likely result in some broken content.


Just a reminder that the loss of previous saved games when House Party is updated is not a bug at this time. We make a large number of change with every update, and old story and save files are often not compatible with the changes. So, every time we update, previous saves will not show up in your Load Game screen.

BUT, they are not deleted! If you go to (on typical/default installations):

C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Eek\House Party

You will see a Saves folder. In it are all your old saved games! If you swap back to a previous version of House Party you will likely be able to make use of these previous saves. For Patreon patrons, simply choose a previous release from the Patreon posts page. In Steam, version control is handled by going to the game in your Library, right-clicking it, choosing Properties, then selecting the Betas tab, and selecting 0.8.8 or another version from the list and hitting Close. For GameJolt customers, you should be able to download previous versions on their website. Unfortunately, does not allow for the hosting/availability of multiple game versions at this time.

Unfortunately, there is no way to combine new graphics options, new system/mechanics features, etc. with old saves, as this would constitute combining a save game from an older version with a new version of House Party.

In the future we are going to improve upon backwards compatibility of saved games as best we can. Thanks for your understanding and support!