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0.9.3 Going Live Everywhere!

Posted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 3:23 pm
by erasmus
Hey all, 0.9.3 is being uploaded to all distribution sites and should be available in a matter of minutes! *If you are a Steam user and you opted into 0.9.2 by using the House Party -> right click -> Properties -> Betas screen, make sure you OPT OUT of all Betas, and hit Close.

You can find the official patch notes on our website, or the platform you use to obtain your House Party updates. In the meantime, here are the patch notes from our Steam News post, which encompass all changes from 0.8.8 to 0.9.3: ... 0736045111

So, lots of bug fixes and some other feature additions. Please be aware that we've made graphical changes to the game that will require either higher system requirements to make full use of, OR that will require options to be turned off in the in-game graphics menu prior to Starting a New Game or Loading a Game. (See our website and the Steam Store page for ongoing System Requirements.)

You may also need to step down a level from Fantastic to Beautiful, depending on your system configuration and in-game options. We are going to continue optimizing moving forward and attempt to support as many system types as possible and ensure the best performance we can across this range of supported hardware configurations. For those of you who may have been experiencing crashes when Starting a Game or when the Loading... screen comes up, you can now turn off graphics settings from the Title Screen/Main Menu, so try that before playing!

Also be aware that we've had to make temporary changes to some quests to accommodate new content, or avoid subjecting you all to additional bugs that cropped up when we were integrating new and old stories. One of the most severely affected is Madison's "Simon Says" quest. Because of how it uses story scripts AND hard-coded game data, it was simply not compatible with the new content, and has been disabled for now. BUT, we are going to completely revamp it in the future and return it to the game.

Please check our other social media sites and Official Forums for more news and updates! We will have more info on what we are working on in the next few weeks! Thanks for your support and patience!