Genital Area Skin Resolution

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Genital Area Skin Resolution

Not sure if anyone else has noticed this or not, but I have a minor criticism to make about the female model skins around their privates - specifically the small inner area of their upper thighs that are closest to their pussies. For me at least, their skins in these areas seem to noticeably appear like stretched-out jpegs (Yes, even the 4K textures!), giving their skin a real "streaky" appearance and making the visuals feel sort of like your staring into some weird twilight zone wormhole with a pussy at the end of it.

In any other game, this wouldn't be an issue with a character model. But considdering the nature of House Party - more specifically, considdering the fact that getting to go down on a girl is supposed to feel like a major accomplishment, the surreal streaks radiating out from their pussies takes you out of the moment a little bit.

I'm not a pro with 3D CGI or anything, but I believe you can create more detailed texturing in an area of a 3D model by dividing them into more micropolygons in that area? It might be something worth considdering for a future update, to make the cunnilingus visuals more human and more immersive.

Perhaps another/related idea might be to make it so that the game automatically switches a girl's skin when you go down on her (and then switches back when you're finished), so that you can get a high-res skin for her crotch area when you've got that ultra-closeup view, but also so that those hi-res skins aren't chewing up system resources for the majority of the game, when that level of detail won't be needed.
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Re: Genital Area Skin Resolution

We'll see what we can do, but this is something we likely won't touch upon until a later QOL release, assuming we can get to it for House Party at all. Model fidelity (including anatomical specifics) is something we'll improve upon in Office Party, for sure.
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