uncensored steam germany wout explicit content DLC

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uncensored steam germany wout explicit content DLC

is there a way to get the uncensored version with the German Steam Version without buying the explicit content DLC? The in germany blocked uncensored DLC is normally a free DLC. I bought the game for 20€ and dont want to buy another DLC (without any Content actually??) before I played the basegame. And ofcause I dont want to pay another rounded 4€ just to get the game full uncensored.
I played another game with explicit content (dont want to drop a name here) where I could download some files on there website and just copy the files inside the steam game path. Is something like this working with House Party too?? Or is there another way to get everything uncensored without the Content DLC??

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Re: uncensored steam germany wout explicit content DLC

You can purchase this Universal DLC Installer which will fully un-censor your game regardless of where you bought it:

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