So I drank the coffee... help

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So I drank the coffee... help

So the coffee that I'm supposed to give to Patrick to sober him up. I drank it for stamina or whatever.

So how do I get the phone from Patrick, now? And how important is this mission? It'd be really lame if I can't progress further because this little mistake. I mean, if its so important, why not only you can drink it - but you're encoureged to, because it improves your combat skills.

Is there at least a cheat I can use, if there's no alternative? Thanks.
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Re: So I drank the coffee... help

There is an alternative way to get Patrick sober. You need to progress his spat with Rachel (giving Rachael thermos, getting the MP3 player to add more music).

Then take his side by convincing Rachel to stop plotting against Patrick. At that point, he will get sober.
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