Hair pulling, choking, spanking, or face fucking during sex scenes? Also, choosing where you cum

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Hair pulling, choking, spanking, or face fucking during sex scenes? Also, choosing where you cum

So Im fairly new to the game; had a few days and already love it. I know the devs propbably arent eager to add in a ton of crazy new positions and animations and all this that and the other thing, but I thought these ones would probably be relatively easy to implement and would greatly enhance the game.

For one thing, choking. Just like how you can click to grab a girls breast while fucking, I think itd be great if you could click her throat to choke her a little. nothing like getting choked while fucked! it hardly even needs any new animation at all, either! At most maybe a couple new lines of dialogue for when you do it, and maybe make it so it makes her orgasm meter go up faster.

For another, there should DEFINITELY be the ability to spank the girls. it seems like this wouldnt really even need any new animation; just right click on her ass and the player character swings his arm, and then she reacts. if youre fucking, she moans or lets out a little yelp and her orgasm meter goes up, or if youre just out and about the party she either gets angry or a little turned on by it depending on where her friendship, love, and soberness meters are.

I would also love to see the ability to pull a girls hair while youre fucking added. Its nearly already there in fact; one time when having "against the wall" sex with Amy, the player character kept moving his hands from her hips to her shoulder to the back of her head. I just think itd be awesome if you could right click on a girls hair while fucking and then move the mouse to pull her hair a little. And the best part, Im pretty sure this functionality is ALREADY in the game! Like, you can already right click on various things to grab them and drag them around, so could it be possible to just add a "grab point" onto girls hair and then allow the player to pull her hair that way? And when you pull the right amount (not too hard but not too soft either) it makes her orgasm meter go up a lot. Maybe add in an extra loud moan or an "oh yes, pull harder" kind of line when you do it.

If this is possible, I think it could probably also be used to implement face-fucking when getting a blowjob. Whenever a girl is blowing you, you could right click on her head to grab hold, and then move the mouse to move her head back and forth and basically fuck her mouth, as a change of pace from standing still and passively receiving the blowjob. maybe add in some nice "glauck glauck" sounds or gagging sounds for when youre making her deepthroat it, and maybe a bit of dialogue after, something to the effect of "damn that was intense, but I liked it" or something along those lines.

Also, why is there no option to choose where you cum? every time Ive gotten a bj or fucked a girl in game, it automatically pulls out and cums on her or the floor. we should be able to get an option of cumming in her mouth, shoving it balls deep and cumming down her throat, or cumming all over her face/tits for when we get blowjobs, and for actual sex we should have the choice of either pulling out and cumming on her ass or stomach, cumming inside, or pulling out, pulling her to her knees, and then cumming on her face/in her mouth/down her throat.

Ive got lots more ideas too but I figure this is enough for one post. Would love to hear everyone's thoughts on this!
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Re: Hair pulling, choking, spanking, or face fucking during sex scenes? Also, choosing where you cum

Thanks for the feedback. That's all I'll say here as there was more discussion about this on our subreddit: ... e_fucking/
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